Great news for marijuana and music fans in California! The Sacramento city council recently approved a motion to allow for the sale and consumption of marijuana at this year’s Cannabis Cup festival. This will be California’s first festival post legalization where marijuana is officially ok to be sold to the public and allows it to be used by attendees without any legal entanglements. Despite some concerns by the city that they may not be able to accommodate the show and a few initial setbacks regarding permits and red tape, a one time permit was issued for the festival, allowing it to proceed as planned. We’re sure the expected $200,000+ in tax revenue from the concert may have had a little something to do with allowing the show to go on but we’re not complaining!

The festival, which is being operated by High Times, will feature several marijuana friendly artists including Lauryn Hill, Lil Wayne and Cypress Hill among many other fan favorites. Follow the link below for the full scoop on this year’s Cannabis Cup festival taking place over this upcoming weekend in sunny Sacramento!

By a 6-2 vote, the council approved a permit for on-site consumption and sales of marijuana at the Cannabis Cup on Friday and Saturday. Councilman Jeff Harris, whose district covers Cal Expo, and Councilwoman Angelique Ashby were the lone “no” votes. This will be the first permitted event for on-site consumption in the state since recreational use has been allowed.

Harris said the city has tried to adopt marijuana policy “slowly and methodically and transparently.” But he said he was not made aware of the Cannabis Cup request for on-site consumption until 12 days ago and that the council has not debated the broader topic of public consumption of marijuana.

“I don’t think we’re ready for this type of event in Sacramento,” he said. “We’ve never had a conversation about adult use in public. This is a big conversation to have.”

The state has the authority to allow on-site marijuana consumption at events on fairgrounds, but only if the local government approves the request.


Weed sales OK’d at California’s first big marijuana festival at Sacramento concert | The Sacramento Bee