Marijuana Pancakes

Christine Sclafani really enjoys talking about weed recipes. She is really happy to share one of her favorite marijuana pancakes recipe. Listen in to hear how to give your breakfast a little more zing.

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Oh boy, its cooking with weed time. I’m Christine Sclafani the cannabis culture correspondent for TNMNews and there may be nothing I enjoy talking about more than weed recipes.

Today, I am talking about marijuana pancakes. These pancakes are awesome because while they get you nice and toasted they are also great for the munchies. Don’t over do it though.

Edibles take a while to kick in. For this recipe you should buy some of the Aunt Jemima pancake mix or one that need you to add milk, eggs and oil. The oil is the key. Simply make your pancakes with your cannabis oil.

Typically you only put a tablespoon of oil in your mix, so maybe you will want to make the oil a little more potent than usual. Or, you can make cannabutter too and let it melt over the pancakes. One way or another, pancakes are awesome with some real Vermont maple syrup!

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