Marijuana is often thought of as a substance that can enhance many human experiences and sex is no exception. Some enthusiasts claim that if you use the right cannabis strains under the correct conditions, you can take your bedroom game up to the next level of ecstasy!

Seeing as how using weed has significant positive effects in other areas of our health, it comes as little surprise that it can also help users have a deeper and more meaningful encounter with their partners or themselves. With that in mind, check out these ten ways in which marijuana could potentially improve your sex life.

10 ways cannabis could enhance your sex life

1. Uninhibited: Setting aside medical purposes, cannabis will relax you. If you choose your strain carefully, you get the right balance of high and soothe. Using the right strain for you will reduce your social anxiety and sexual restraint. That’s a particular plus for those who suffer from chronic anxiety or social anxiety disorder.

Reducing your inhibitions may also free you to try sexual practices or positions you would otherwise be reluctant to try. But, responsible people should also comply with evolving understanding of sexual consent.

2. Risk: That same loss of inhibitions presents a double-edged sword. In feeling free to have sex or try something new, you risk opting for unsafe sex. Reduced inhibitions might prompt users to skip contraception in favor of enhanced pleasure.

There can be psychological and physical pleasure in risk-taking, but there is a risk, indeed. If the cannabis stone creates an “anything goes” climate, you are trading romance for excitement, and you are in jeopardy of forcing the sex. One study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine reports, “Frequent cannabis use is associated with higher numbers of sexual partners for both men and women.”

Would you add any additional positive effects to the list? Do you have any particular strains you’d recommend for getting down?

10 Ways Cannabis Could Enhance Your Sex Life | AllBud