One of the unfortunate (to some) side effects of having marijuana around is the often pungent aroma that comes along with the finest ganja. Unlike most other commercial crops, marijuana plants do have a strong smell to them, especially when considering the volume being grown.

This has unfortunately become a bit of a concern for growers all over as marijuana legalization continues to spread around the country. Case in point, some residents in the town of Carpinteria, California are up in arms due to the pervasive smell that emanates from the numerous cannabis grow operations that dot the surrounding area.

“We don’t want a marijuana smell,” Xave Saragosa, a 73-year-old retired sheriff’s deputy who was born and raised in the town and lives near a greenhouse that grows marijuana, said. “We want fresh air.”

Mr Saragosa said the smell keeps his wife up at night due to coughing.

To keep out the stench, they have tried stuffing pillows under doors, lighting incense and shutting windows, a reluctant choice since it also keeps out the cool ocean breezes.

Toni Stuart, an 80-year-old retired Episcopal priest, said the odour doesn’t creep into the area near the beach where she lives, but she worries about the community changing.

“I would not like Carpinteria to be the ‘cannabis capital’ of Southern California. I like it the way it is. It’s a very quiet, unpretentious beach town,” she said.

“If people want to grow cannabis instead of flowers or avocados or macadamia nuts — I suppose that’s their right. But they’ve got to think about their neighbours.”

Even the staunchest enthusiast would agree that having your home perpetually smell like weed is not something they’d enjoy. But, what can ultimately be done about it? Would you complain if the odor of marijuana filled your home all of the time? Are these people over exaggerating the strength and regularity of the smell?

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