London Shop Now Offers ‘High’ Tea

London’s famous Farmacy Kitchen, is very well known in the area for offering a large variety of dishes to its patrons, specializing in foods for those following vegan and vegetarian diets or for folks that are looking for healthier meal choices in general. In an effort to expand their already impressive repertoire of healthy meals, they will now be offering a modified afternoon tea menu that will contain various items that will be infused with CBD.

Appropriately dubbed ‘High Tea,’ the new menu will feature traditional afternoon tea staples like scones, truffles and of course tea, but with a twist that all cannabis enthusiasts will appreciate. Since CBD is not psychoactive, it is legal for Farmacy to include it as part of their ingredients so those that are able to visit can partake of their treats with no worries. Check out their High Tea menu below and follow the link for all of the details on their new offering!

Why CBD? spoke to the owner of Farmacy, Camilla Fayed, and she shared her reasons for introducing CBD to the menu: โ€˜At Farmacy we work hard to constantly innovate and create.

London Shop Now Offers 'High' Tea

โ€˜We are very experimental and are always introducing new seasonal dishes to the menu โ€“ so that regular customers have something different to look forward to.


โ€˜This is why we decided to launch the โ€˜high teaโ€™ โ€“ to showcase some of the new and unusual ingredients we had been working with, in a fun and imaginative way.โ€™

Cannabidol, also known as CBD, is a compound found in the cannabis plant. As it contains no psychoactive substance, it is perfectly legal for consumption in the UK.

The element of cannabis thatโ€™s illegal is THC, which provides a mind-altering high and is typically mixed with tobacco and smoked by cannabis users.


You can now enjoy a cannabis infused afternoon tea | Metro News

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