In a bit of irony U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, who is notorious for his strong (and misguided) anti-marijuana stance has had a cannabis strain named after him by a dispensary in Denver, Colorado! The cleverly named Jeff Sesh-ons strain is a combination of the Jet Fuel and Bio Diesel varieties that has notable sativa like qualities.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a major opponent of marijuana and recently rescinded the Cole Memo that held U.S. Attorneys back from prosecuting state legal marijuana businesses. He is a strong believer that marijuana is a gateway drug to other illicit and more addictive drugs and supports criminalizing marijuana in an effort to fight the opioid epidemic facing the United States.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery — but in 2018, imitation can also be simple mockery. Count a Denver dispensary chain’s decision to name a marijuana strain after United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions among the latter.

Inspired by the AG’s public remarks and his recent rescission of nine years’ worth of federal protective guidelines for marijuana businesses and users, Medicine Man’s Jeff Sesh-ons is a sativa-leaning hybrid of Jet Fuel and Bio Diesel. The combination of genetics from Colorado-based 303 Seeds would usually equate to another strain called Rocket Fuel, but the Medicine Man grow produced a phenotype with different characteristics, so the staff was mulling over what to name it.

“We have a little fun with some strains occasionally,” says Bradley Roddy, director of retail operations for Medicine Man, who explains that the cultivation team will test out different female plants of the same genetics to decide which ones have the most desirable qualities to continue growing for future harvests. “Rocket Fuel had three strong candidates, but when they run side by side, they can taste and smell different.”


Colorado Marijuana Dispensary Names Weed Strain After Jeff Sessions | Westword