Gene Simmons, the infamously long tongued KISS bassist, reality TV star, and businessman is probably the last person you’d expect to have lived his life drug and alcohol free. Given the band’s signature style, most would likely agree that drugs were definitely involved during their creative process. In a recent interview, Simmons doled out some unusual advice on ways to keep kids from dabbling in tobacco, marijuana or alcohol use.

In a bizarre and albeit probably effective manner, the rock legend threatened his children with hard labor and removal from his will if they were to indulge in any of those substances! While this may be considered extreme by many, Simmons does leave room for his children to discuss trying these substances beforehand. Where that conversation may ultimately lead is anybody’s guess however. To add to the strangeness, Simmons recently became the Chief Evangelist Officer for a Canadian cannabis company called Invictus MD Strategies. An unusual move for someone that is seemingly against marijuana use and has never tried it himself.

If your parents ever caught you smoking pot as a teenager, you should thank them for not taking Gene Simmons’ approach to punishing potheads. No matter how long you were grounded, or how much allowance you lost, your punishment couldn’t have been worse than what the lizard-tongued bassist of KISS had in store if his kids got busted with a joint. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Simmons said the penalty for breaking his parental “commandments” against drinking and drugs was exile and forced labor.

Simmons said he told his kids, “I don’t expect much from you, but what I do expect, you will deliver, or else. One is, you’re not allowed to get high or get drunk or smoke cigarettes – can’t do that. If you want to, I want to have a discussion. And tell me before, don’t tell me after. If you transgress, if you go against my commandments, you will find yourself in a desert camp digging holes, written out of the estate and the will.”


Here’s Gene Simmons’ Insane Advice On Keeping Kids Away From Marijuana