Tactics For Productive Stoners

Many enthusiasts are often concerned about how their marijuana use will affect their day to day lives, especially when it comes to their careers and school. While not nearly as impairing as other substances like alcohol, weed can still potentially get in the way of your productivity if not used appropriately.

Also, even though marijuana has been legalized in places like California and Colorado, many schools, universities and employers still have policies in place against its use with some businesses even regularly drug test their employees. This can leave many wanting to avoid drawing any unnecessary attention to themselves while getting their work done efficiently. With that in mind, we’ve put together a few tips to help enthusiasts remain productive while still enjoying their herb.

Tactics For Productive StonersThis first one is pretty obvious, donโ€™t smoke too much weed right before you have stuff to do. If you want to stay productive you should probably take it easy when it comes to how much you smoke, regardless of strain. Too much of an indica will probably leave you on your couch for a little longer than you’d like while overindulging in a sativa can leave your mind racing and unable to focus, so as with most good things, moderation is key.

Always take the time to know your strain and its effects. Like we mentioned above, the type of strain you use can play a significant part on how you feel after partaking in your greenery so if you plan on running errands after a quick smoke, you’ll want to make sure you use an energetic sativa or sativa-dominant hybrid instead of a potentially couch-locking indica. Also, be careful to note the terpene profiles as they will provide details of what effects to expect when using a particular strain. Don’t worry if you’re not very familiar with the different types of strains and terpenes out there, your friendly neighborhood budtender will be more than happy to help you sort out what’s what.

Next, be sure to properly store your weed. Excessive exposure to moisture, sunlight, and spores can change the way weed may affect you. Improperly stored pot could have the potential of having the complete opposite effects expected from a given strain due to changes in its chemical composition over time. No one wants to take a hit off of what they thought was a particularly racy sativa and then suddenly need to nap for the next four hours.

Cannabis vaporizer, weed news, marijuana legalization, stonersLastly, stick to using a vaporizer over bowls or joints whenever possible. While the evidence is mostly anecdotal for the most part, many enthusiasts report a much cleaner, more uplifting, and energetic high when using a vaporizer regardless of the strains being used. Also, most folks are far less likely to take notice of any aromas emitted by a vaporizer when compared to the often pungent smoke that comes from using joints or bowls if you’re also seeking discretion.

Hopefully these tips will help you keep busy while still being able to enjoy the wonderful effects of marijuana!

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