How To Properly Buy Weed Legally

With cannabis legalization spreading around the country, enthusiasts now have the ability to easily obtain different types of strains via the many dispensaries that have popped up as a result. While this is awesome news for weed lovers, the act of buying it from a dispensary can sometimes be a bit of an intimidating experience, especially for those just starting out.

With the newfound freedom to cultivate weed legally, growers in these various locales are working harder than ever on experimenting with creating all sorts of different types of cannabis strains, all with a number of different effects. The days of being restricted to buying whatever product your “guy” had on hand at the time are thankfully numbered. However, the sheer variety of products now available for sale legally may be enough to make some people’s heads spin.

While your friendly budtenders/weed sommeliers at your local dispensary will be more than happy to get you up to speed on the variety of different strains they have available along with information on what their effects are, the retail shopping experience might turn off some potential buyers who are looking to do things a little more low key. This isn’t too surprising considering marijuana’s history in the U.S. and its current status as a Schedule One substance in the eyes of the federal government, which caused a lot of us to become accustomed to “shady dealings” in order to obtain our herb.

Just like when someone goes shopping for a good wine or a tasty scotch, there are things that weed connoisseurs are going to need to know and guidelines to follow. For starters, be sure to do your homework. By that, we mean that you should already have a good idea as to what type of high you’re looking for along with what strains are more likely to help induce it. Do you need a creative and energetic boost that usually comes from a sativa? Are you trying to get some sleep with the help of an indica? Answering these questions ahead of time will definitely go a long way towards a smooth shopping experience.

You’ll also want to be open to feedback and recommendations from the dispensary’s staff. While you think you may know your stuff better than most, budtenders worth their salt are intimately familiar with their wares and could potentially introduce you to different strains and products that you may not be aware of.

Just like most reasonable people would do when they go to buy some booze or head out for a cocktail, make sure you have your ID with you when you go to your local dispensary. Even though marijuana has been legalized in certain spots, you have to be at least twenty-one years old to enjoy legally and WILL be asked for proof that you are of age.

Lastly, make sure that you turn your phone off or at the very least turn off the ringer and do not use it while in the store. For the sake of security and customer anonymity, cell phone use is typically barred on premises.

Follow these few simple steps and you should have an easy time enjoying your weed shopping experience!

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