9 Fun Activities For Your Next Session

For most of modern history, marijuana use has always had a unique social aspect to it. Whether it’s smoking a joint around a circle, passing the bong around, or enjoying edibles with friends before going out to a show or movie, using cannabis is usually much more enjoyable in the company of other like-minded enthusiasts. With 4/20 just around the corner and falling on a Friday this year, many aficionados are likely already prepping for what should be a particularly great holiday! In the spirit of sharing the marijuana experience with your fellow tokers, check out this list of activities you can partake in while still enjoying your high. Perfect for those that want something fun to do other than sit on their couches binge watching movies or TV shows and ordering large quantities of take out (not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course).

Be sure to follow the link below for a few more great ideas for shaking up your usual sessions!

Go bird watching
9 Fun Activities For Your Next Session
The hundreds of birds native to your area need listing! And what better way to pay tribute to the clouds than to keep your head in them? Scouting for birds trains your mind and memory, which will help long term. And youโ€™ll impress houseguests with bird trivia for hours on end.

Try Out Coloring
9 Fun Activities For Your Next Session
Usually, adult coloring books deserve every bit of the excitement they inspire. Despite how that sounds at first, coloring does greatly amuse grownups, who are mostly looking for anything not named โ€œbillsโ€ to focus on. Contrary to belief, most adults enhance their lives with active recreation. Now, imagine a room full of adults pushing their creative limits over some blank pages. Dare you not to launch a society of color buddies after that vision.



9 Activities To Socialize Your Smoke Sesh ยท High Times

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