The Most Divisive Issues Among Cannabis Users

There have probably been countless differences of opinion with regards to consuming cannabis ever since humans discovered and have been using marijuana. Take a moment and think of a time when your fellow enthusiasts got into a heated debate regarding the greenery being enjoyed. In their place picture a few proto-humans arguing over the same thing around a campfire thousands of years ago. Probably not all that different when you really think about it! From the types of marijuana used along with to how use it, cannabis has always been a notable subject of discussion and with the modern ‘mainstreaming’ of its use and significant advances in related sciences and technology, that’s true today more than ever.

Being able to choose from indicas, sativas and hybrids, different types of smoking materials and devices, to edibles of all kinds means the possibilities for getting stoned are nearly endless! Funny to think that only a few short years ago, most of us only had access to marijuana via less than legal ways and only had the choice of highs, mediums or ‘regs’ without really having any idea of the strain’s make-up and effects that accompany them. Sort of like a school cafeteria’s ‘mystery meat’, you weren’t quite sure of what you were getting but you were sure happy to have it! We also now have more options than just marijuana flower available, with various kinds of oils, extracts, and concentrates up for purchase by those that would prefer not to inhale straight smoke from a joint or piece which just adds more to the debate. Be sure to follow the link below for the rest of of the most commonly divisive topics among most cannabis enthusiasts in this day and age!

11. What About All These New Weed Products?
The Most Divisive Issues Among Cannabis Users
The age of legal weed is opening up a world of weed products beyond your stoner grandparentsโ€™ wildest dreams. A dizzying number of strains, super pure bud, dabs, THC cartridges, vaporizers, tinctures, weed soda, edibles, THC patches, lotions, even weed-infused lube. The endless stream of new weed products constantly being created and sold in dispensaries is exciting for some weed smokers, but spells doom for others. More specifically, for some hardcore traditionalists, all these new products and methods for consuming weed are a sad move away from the pure and classic experience of grinding some bud, packing a bowl, and sparking up. On the other hand, fans of what the legal industry is producing tend to celebrate new products as a way to make the wonders of weed more accessible to a larger audience than ever before.

10. Smoke or Vape?
The Most Divisive Issues Among Cannabis Users
Vaping advocates argue that vapor is cleaner and safer than putting smoke on your lungs. Additionally, many also say that vaping your weed tastes better, giving you a more positive experience all around. But not everyone agrees. Some folks will always prefer the classic experience of smoking their herb.

9. Outdoor Grown vs. Indoor Grown
The Most Divisive Issues Among Cannabis Users
This is one of the most classic divisive issues among weed smokers. In general, buds grown outdoors will be a little more unruly in terms of shape and size, and will be much less uniform than buds grown inside. But smokers who are committed to outdoor-grown weed say it has a level of nuance and complexity in taste and odor that canโ€™t be duplicated indoors. On the other side of the issue, many people in the cannabis world love indoor-grown weed because it gives growers full control over the growing environment. This enables them to produce buds that are incredibly consistent in terms of shape, size, potency, smell, and taste.


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