How To Still Enjoy Marijuana While Being A Parent

Raising children can be one of the most fulfilling but at times challenging aspects of human life. You’re basically bringing a brand new person into the world and are responsible for trying to provide for them, keep them healthy, well fed and emotionally supported. All of this while you try to retain your own sanity by struggling through the many sleepless nights and the constant need for attention and help that these little humans require on top of trying to balance their daily lives. Due to their newfound responsibilities, many enthusiasts decide to call it quits when it comes to their cannabis use. Despite the mainstreaming of marijuana use in recent years coupled with successful legalization efforts in various states, many a parent still have the notion that they should not be indulging now that they have kids of their own.

However, some cannabis-loving parents don’t necessarily agree that they should give up on it completely due to mother/fatherhood. They argue that with responsible use and a little common sense they should be able to still enjoy a little weed from time to time. Considering that alcohol use is seen as perfectly acceptable for parents to use despite how it can potentially be that much more dangerous than cannabis, many are inclined to agree with them. In hopes of helping those parents along the way, check out this list of do’s and don’ts for folks that still want to be able to get high!

Do: Play With Your Kids While Youโ€™re High

How To Still Enjoy Marijuana While Being A Parent

The most enjoyable thing you can do as a weed-smoking parent is playing with your kids when youโ€™re high. Many parents find that weed helps them relate to their kids. Plus, youโ€™re more likely to enjoy the same things your kids like when youโ€™re blazed.

Many parents around the world would agree with this. Lucy, who lives in Portsmouth, England, wrote to The Guardian: โ€œI feel weed makes me a better, calmer, more interactive parent, I ask my daughter more questions, have the patience to sit and teach her new things, go on long exploratory walks and spend longer playing with her than I would if I hadnโ€™t been smoking, I feel itโ€™s really brought us closer.โ€

Donโ€™t: Smoke Weed While Youโ€™re Pregnant Or Nursing

How To Still Enjoy Marijuana While Being A Parent

While you can (and should!) play with your kids when youโ€™re high, you should never let them ingest THC. Though second-hand smoke isnโ€™t good for children, the main way that babies ingest harmful amounts of THC is in the womb or potentially through breastmilk.


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