The DEA’s New Slang For Weed

The United States Drug Enforcement Administration has added over 50 brand new “slang” terms for marijuana since last year. While most enthusiasts will be familiar with many of them such as “MMJ,” “Zip,” “Nug,” and terms named after specific strains, some of the new names are downright bizarre like “My Brother” and “Shoes.” Also, a lot of them are basically just Spanish words that may or may not necessarily relate to marijuana in one way or another.

It is a little surprising that there aren’t more new terms considering the popularity and mainstreaming of marijuana across the U.S. in the last few years but these 50 can be more than enough to confuse some folks. In order to help enthusiasts better understand where these new nicknames came from, we’ve taken a stab at trying to figure out how some of the more unusual terms actually relate to weed.

Alfalfa– A reference to the alfalfa sprout, another green and bushy plant.
Almohada– Spanish word for “pillow.” Could be a reference to a large bag of weed or the sleep inducing properties of some strains.

The DEA's New Slang For Weed
Blue Dream

Blue Dream– A sativa dominant hybrid strain.
Branches– A references to marijuana plant stems.
Cajita– Spanish word for a “small box.” Could be a reference to the container the weed is sold in.
Diosa Verde– Spanish for “green goddess.” A term showing reverence towards cannabis.
Elefante Pata– Spanish for “foot elephant.” We’re suspecting bad grammar on this one as it should really be called “Pata Elefante” or “elephant foot” in English. It could be a reference to how the marijuana leaf can look like an elephant’s foot.
Escoba– Spanish for “broom.” Not really sure how this one fits in to the mix…
Fattie– A reference to a blunt or joint that’s jam packed with weed.

The DEA's New Slang For Weed
Green Crack

Green Crack– Another sativa dominant hybrid strain.
Greenhouse– A reference to marijuana grow-houses.
Hoja– Spanish for “leaf.” A simple reference to the marijuana leaf.
Llesca– Spanish for “slice.” A reference to an eighth of weed.
Mersh– Slang term for low quality weed.
MMJ– Short for “Medical Marijuana.”
Nug– A reference to marijuana nugs.
Pasto– Spanish for “grass.” Another simple reference to the marijuana plant.
Pasture– A reference to “grass,” the common slang term for weed.
Peliroja– Spanish for “redhead.” A reference to the red hairs found on cannabis.
Plant– A straightforward reference to the marijuana plant.
Prop 215– California ballot measure that made medical cannabis legal
Purple OG– An indica dominant hybrid strain.
Red Hair– Another reference to the red hairs found on cannabis.
Sour OG– A “50/50” hybrid strain.
Sticky– A reference to the stickiness of marijuana buds.
Tangy OG– Another “50/50” hybrid strain.
Terp– A reference to the terpenes found in cannabis.
Top Shelf– A reference to high quality weed.

The DEA's New Slang For Weed
Train Wreck

Train Wreck– A sativa dominant hybrid strain.
Trinity OG– A sativa cannabis strain.
Zip– A reference to an ounce of marijuana.


Did we get any of them wrong? Which one of these new terms is your favorite? Do you have any other cannabis slang terms you’d like to share?

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