With cannabis legalization efforts taking root around the country, there is no shortage of ways that enthusiasts are able to consume their marijuana nowadays. From the classic flower and edibles to the newer shatters, waxes, and other types extracts, there seems to no limit to how we can ingest it as well as how strong a high we can achieve! On the flip side of that coin, one of the more recent trends that seems to be growing in popularity is microdosing of cannabis. This process involves ingesting a lesser amount of THC in order to feel the beneficial effects of marijuana without actually being all that high.

The Benefits Of Microdosing CannabisIn plain terms, it’s achieving a state of being just high enough to enjoy the beneficial effects of your weed but not high enough that you are too impaired to be functional. The goal is to minimize or eliminate the impact of THC, the psychoactive compound found in marijuana that gets you high. With the amount of THC kept to a minimum, enthusiasts can potentially avoid the anxiety, paranoia, the munchies, and other unwanted side effects that usually accompany smoking herb.

The effect is best achieved via low dose edibles and/or vape pens, which allow for greater control of the amount of THC being ingested at one time. As a result, those in the marijuana business are actively producing and marketing products specifically for those enthusiasts that are looking to get into microdosing as well as for individuals that are being introduced to weed for the first time. There are many different ways that enthusiasts can microdose their weed including edibles, specially designed vape pens, and even some low THC strains of marijuana flower that are being grown primarily for those folks that prefer a more traditional approach to this new method. You could always just smoke a little less too.

The benefits of cannabis are storied and many, and microdosing seems to hone in on improving one’s mood, helping combat depression and anxiety issues, as well as enhancing productivity and creativity. Though weed has been known to increase paranoia and feelings of anxiety in some cases, microdosing very low doses not seem to have that particular effect. Some of the additional benefits of microdosing cannabis include:

Helping to level out the typical ups and downs of a normal day while still allowing you to function
Treating conditions like inflammation, stress, anxiety, and pain
Increased creativity and productivity
Helping to stretch your weed stash
Allowing for responsiveness to everyday situations while continuing to receive the medicinal benefits
Limiting the negative side effects of weed

The Benefits Of Microdosing CannabisWhen you begin microdosing, you’ll want to pay attention to your tolerance levels. Understanding how much weed it will take to get high can help you know how much to take. Also, knowing the potency of your herb of choice and its ratios of THC to CBD is also key. You should commence a microdosing regimen with a cannabis strain containing a higher ratio of CBD.

Have you ever tried microdosing with your weed? Do you also think that it is an effective method for consuming your marijuana?