In a bit of potentially good news for the hurricane ravaged island of Puerto Rico, their first officially organic large scale grow operation is ready for business. Based out of the city of Ponce in the southwest area of the island, The Institute for Medical Cannabis Corporation has been officially licensed by the the U.S. territory’s health department to be able to grow and distribute marijuana and related products such as tinctures, patches and gels. Hopefully, this venture will help boost the area’s ailing economy even if just a little. Also, some are hopeful that it will attract other similar businesses, the revenue for which could greatly assist with the recovery efforts post hurricanes Irma and Maria, storms which completely devastated the island’s infrastructure last year.

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This 25 acre facility is divided from a larger 1,200 acre farm, located on a private compound in Ponce, Puerto Rico. The location is ideal due to the sunny and dry weather with access to significant water resources.  We had the pleasure of interviewing Tamara Gonzalez, Shareholder and Sales Director of the Institute for Medical Cannabis  (IMC) Corporation.

She took us on a tour of their  immense facility and met with their very professional and knowledgeable team. They’ve  partnered with industry leaders to create state-of-the-art agriculture system. The operation is designed to withstand hurricane wind, control temperature and humidity, and maximize Puerto Rico’s natural sunlight.

On display were some of their most famous products from their manufacturing line, TuMedicina. Their manufacturing line includes edibles, flowers and concentrates. Their flowers are all domestically and naturally grown which is then distributed to all the dispensaries around the island.


Puerto Rico’s First Organic Grow Operation gives Patients a Green Option | Cannabis Culture