World famous entrepreneur Elon Musk is back in the news again this week after a recent appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast where he seemingly smoked a blunt with the show’s host. This past Thursday night, the Tesla CEO shocked the world during an impromptu smoke session which was live streamed on YouTube for all the world to see. This is a bit surprising considering his statements from a week ago as well as the fact that the billionaire’s habits and well-being have recently been the subject of increased scrutiny following some interesting posts on social media as well as a subsequent emotional interview with the New York Times.

Elon Musk has really taken to embracing marijuana lately on social media. Recently on Twitter he asked his followers to send him their dankest memes, which they were more than happy to oblige. The general thought is that he is testing the SEC, who is unhappy with his public comments about having Tesla go private. While the question of whether Elon Musk smokes weed has been answered with a resounding yes, his reasoning behind testing the securities exchange commission is still not clear. He may desire the flexibility that being a private company would give to Tesla as opposed to being publicly traded and needing to answer shareholders.

The catalyst for this seems to be a tweet posted by Musk saying that Tesla would be going private with shares to be at a cost of $420. This tweet led folks around the globe that are familiar with that particular sequence of numbers to wonder if he actually used weed himself and if he was high when he tweeted what some would call an outlandish statement. Musk addressed the speculation afterwards stating: “It seemed like better karma at $420 than at $419…But I was not on weed, to be clear. Weed is not helpful for productivity. There’s a reason for the word ‘stoned.’ You just sit there like a stone on weed.”

Elon Musk Smokes Weed With Joe RoganJoe Rogan, veteran actor, comedian, MMA commentator, podcast host, and marijuana legalization advocate pulled out a blunt about two hours into the podcast and Musk surprisingly indulged in the greenery along with him. Before partaking, Musk wanted to confirm that it was actually legal to do so, which it is in the state of California where the podcast calls home. Musk explained that he really doesn’t use weed much at all claiming that he didn’t “notice any effect,” which kind of contradicts his earlier statements about marijuana use and its effects on productivity. However, he clarified that despite his personal experiences with weed and point of view about its effects, he does not have anything against marijuana use.

Once the effects set in, Musk went on to say what he believed would help us as a species stating: “It sounds corny, but love is the answer.” He went on to give some advice on how to make the best of everyday life: “Probably spend more time with your friends and less time on social media…I think people should be nicer to each other and give more credit to others and don’t assume they’re mean until they’re actually mean. It’s easy to demonize people.”

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Unfortunately, just a few short hours later, shares of Tesla’s stock had dropped 9% after his appearance on Rogan’s podcast. Another factor for their drop was the announcement the very next day that the company’s newly acquired Chief Accounting Officer, who had only joined the company one month prior, put in a notice for his resignation.

You can catch the full podcast below:

Do you think there is an overreaction to Musk’s recent behavior or do you believe that the worry about his well-being is justified?