Do you Like Weed or Alcohol More?

Listen to Christine Sclafani discuss a very serious question. Do you like Weed or Alcohol? I would love to see your answers in the comments below.

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Well hello everyone! It’s me, Christine Sclafani, for TNMNews and I have a question for you. Do you like weed or alcohol more? It’s a very serious question and I would like to see your answers down below in the comments. It’s a tough question for a lot of people out there too.

I know some of you are more health conscious so alcohol is an immediate no. Others of you may like getting a serious buzz on though and some of you have become real wine and spirit connoisseurs. While I think scotch, rum and wine are acquired tastes, they certainly do light up the palate.

Obviously different varieties of marijuana have different terpenes that give weed unique tastes too. According to a recent study by New Frontier Data, 65% of cannabis consumers polled in states that have legalized cannabis say they prefer weed over alcohol. For many of them it seems like weed is a way to drink less. I would love to hear what your preference is and why down below.

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