The McBride Company: From Disney To Dispensaries

A Vermont based architectural firm,ย The McBride Company, is shifting its focus from imagineering for the Disney company to begin designing the different marijuana dispensaries that are popping up everywhere where it has been legalized. With a significant background working on the Margaritaville locales around the states, they are ready to try something new. The Cannabist recently caught up with with Johnnie Rush, the company’s chief innovation officer, who had at one time worked as the VP of imagineering for the global entertainment company. A most impressive background indeed that we are certain will play a very large role in their future dispensary designs!

Be sure to follow the link below for the full interview with Rush and his company’s future plans to venture into the world of legalized marijuana!

Architectural design firm The McBride Company, headquartered in Vermont, has created everything from restaurants to hotels, theaters, casinos and most notably over the last two decades, its been the sole design ambassador for Margaritaville. Now the firm is lending their eye to a whole new world: cannabis retail shops.

An expert at creating imaginative, impressive storylines, Johnnie Rush is the chief business innovation officer for the firm, with an equally impressive resume. He used to work as Vice President of Imagineering for Disney.

From Disney To Designing Dispensaries

The Cannabist: How long have you been with the McBride Company?

Johnnie Rush: You know, itโ€™s almost exactly a year. Itโ€™s great and Iโ€™ll tell you why: Pat McBride started off as a musician 30 years ago. He had a very illustrious music career. When he started the McBride company, his philosophy has been to not just look at the design industry as a design business, but he looks at it as we all do, through the business perspective.


This architect used to work for Disney. Now, he designs cannabis stores.

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