Perfect for some summer time fun, check out the below recipe for making your own weed-infused wine at home. It’s a process that does take some time to yield proper results but the wait is most definitely worth it!


  • Add a bare minimum of four ounces of stems, but one-half to one pound is preferable
  • .Add as many cannabis leaves as you can add but make sure to leave out any seeds.
  • Two fresh oranges and one lemon
  • Three pounds of white or refined sugar
  • One cake of fresh active yeast

What You’ll Need:

  • Two one-gallon jugs with caps
  • Some smaller bottles
  • Three foot length of plastic tubing
  • Unused nylon stockings

marijuana wine, weed news, edibles, cannabis, adult-use marijuanaMethod:
1. Stuff all of the stems and leaves into one of the gallon jugs.

2. Squeeze the juices from the fruits and pour it into the jug along with the weed.

3. Begin boiling two to three quarts of water, making sure not to use an aluminum pan.

4. Completely dissolve the sugar into the water.

5. Pour the sugar water solution into the jug that contains the weed and citrus, place the jug’s cap on and shake to mix thoroughly.

6. Loosen the jug’s cap and leave it to cool down to room temperature.

7. Heat up some more water to a luke warm temperature and the yeast packet to it, making sure that the yeast dissolves entirely.

8. When the jug has cooled down, pour the yeast mixture into the gallon jug, place the cap back on, shake it up but then take the cap back off as soon as you’re done.

9. Fill the remainder of the jug with cold water, but make sure to leave some room to prevent overflow during the fermentation process, and then put the cap on again.

8. Place the jug in a dark place while the fermentation process is going on, making sure to remember to never add more water for the first few days.

9. When the fermentation process begins to die down, you can then add more water over the next couple of weeks while the fermentation finishes.

10. The fermentation process should take about four weeks on average and to know for sure if your wine has finished fermenting, just tip the jug back and forth a little. If there are no bubbles going through the weed stems, then it’s done!

cooking with weed, cannabis infused wine, marijuana news, tnmnewsOnce the fermentation process has finished, take the jug with your “proto-wine” and move it to a sink along with another empty jug and then start siphoning the wine from one jug to another. You’ll also want to let the wine pass through a couple of layers of clean nylons to help filter out any solids.

Throw out the original jug along with its contents and then take the new jug and put it back where you had stored the first jug and let it rest for at least another month. When it’s all done take it back to the sink and begin siphoning the finished wine into various bottles, making sure to filter again for any solid matter. After about six more months, your wine will be ready to go! Have you ever had or made weed wine before?