Check out the below clip from comedian Nick Thune’s Good Guy special where he jokes about finally being able buy marijuana legally in California with his new marijuana card. A bit paranoid during his first attempt at shopping for legal cannabis, he ends up biting off a little more than he can chew when his french bulldog, Mikey, ends up eating a particularly potent marijuana brownie he was given at the store! Hilarity ensues when his very pregnant wife orders him to come home from a session to take care of the mess he inadvertently made, even though he was also really, really high at the moment. After an exciting drive to the vet’s office, some grief from his wife and some awkward interaction with the staff, they were able to get their very intoxicated furry friend taken care of. The best part is that poor little Mikey was finally back to normal after about 2 days of being high as a kite!

From “Nick Thune: Good Guy” available now

Nick Thune describes his first step down the road to becoming a good guy: buying marijuana legally.

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Nick Thune: Good Guy – Legal Weed – Uncensored