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Many states that are new to legalized recreational marijuana are celebrating 420 day for the first time today. States like Massachusetts should be a pretty popular destination for everyone in the northeast thatโ€™s a fan of weed. The yearly celebrations have played a major role in spreading awareness about marijuana and for making a statement that the world wants legal weed. Listen to Christine Sclafani talk about 420 and we hope everyone has a super fun day!


Its 4/20 on Saturday

Hey everyone! Is it smokey in here or is it just me? Well if itโ€™s not smokey yet, it will be!

Today is 4/20, the biggest weed holiday of the year. Yes a day where people look to get just about as blazed as they can and gather in large numbers to give the finger to a world that has told them smoking weed is a no no. Oh, so you think smoking weed is bad for me? You think that it has no medical value? Well you can take this blunt and shove it where the sun donโ€™t shine while sit out here in public under the rays of the sun and get just about as high as I can. Thatโ€™s the message of the 4/20 holiday and it is awesome.

And, we have to take note of the fact that this is the 4/20 eve of the craziest 4/20 ever. Next year April 20th will happen in the year 2020. So itโ€™s 4/20/2020, I guess.

This year though you can always head to the Mile High party in Colorado, there are over 20 organized event in California and there is the Good Luck Festival in Boston too.

Wherever you are, I hope you have a great time on Saturday and get to make a bold if not slightly fuzzy in the head statement!

Stay lifted everyone!

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