Hey it’s Christine Sclafani again, your TNMNews cannabis culture consultant!

If all of the medicinal benefits of medical marijuana, or the tax breaks and discounts have not convinced you to look into becoming a medical marijuana patient in your state, perhaps this will persuade you. Hawaii…has had their troubles with their medical marijuana program, but I recently discovered that they now honor out-of-state medical marijuana cards!

Just think about that! Marijuana plus Hawaii equals maybe the greatest vacation of all time!

Here’s some details on how you can go about going on the greatest R&R trip of all time.

First, at least 60 days before you arrive in paradise you should go to MedMJ.EHawaii.Gov/medmj/welcome and fill out the form.

You have to pay the state of Hawaii a $50 fee and once you complete their form, they will send you an electronic medical marijuana card you can use at any of the dispensaries on the island as long as you give them 60 days to process your application.

How about that!? It’s like rest and relaxation with an exponent of 420! You could always head to Oklahoma instead for a vacation, they also honor out-of-state medical marijuana cards. That’s up to you.

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