Weed Churches in Los Angeles

Weed churches have been popping all around the country. These very real places of worship not only want to pray and read scripture, they also want to sell weed to their members and let them smoke it in the church. One of the more famous weed churches in the country is in Los Angeles, and it’s called the Hundred Harmonies Church. So get ready for some serious cannabis culture as Christine Sclanfani tells you all about weed churches and the battles states are having with them.

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Hey everyone, it’s Christine Sclafani here again to bring you some more cannabis culture on behalf of The National Marijuana News.

Okay, so I spend a lot of time in Los Angeles. There is this place in L.A. called the Hundred Harmonies Church, it’s got pews, a pulpit and an unlicensed marijuana dispensary in the back.

It’s one of those weed churches. It’s creating quite the scene because it wants to be accepted as a real place of worship but it also wants to sell weed. The reverend of this weed church sells Versace OG marijuana flower, gummies and $30 blunts as part of the sacrament. When people ask him why doesn’t he go get a state license to sell weed, he tells them that the sacrament shouldn’t be taxed.

It’s hard to argue with that I guess, including for the state of California. They just don’t know what to do with this place. I mean not only does the church sell weed there, but the congregation members then all sit in the pews and get stoned together. It sort of sounds like a marijuana lounge, but in California marijuana lounges are not supposed to sell weed too. I guess the lord just works in mysterious ways.

Stay lifted everyone!

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