Singer Miguel Wishes For Some Weed During Interview

R & B singer Miguel is not shy at all about smoking weed, going so far as to say that he wished he had some with him during a recent interview with Billboard. He’s just one of many artists and celebrities that have begun to openly speak out about their marijuana use in light of recent legalization efforts around the country. Where you surprised by his openness on weed use? Let us know in the comments!

Singer Miguel Wished He Had Weed During This Interview

Apparently the R&B singer is woke now.

Celebrities aren’t hiding anymore. Thanks to widespread cannabis legal reform, as well as the massive public support marijuana currently generates, everyone feels more comfortable openly discussing their marijuana usage. Some celebs are very active in the cannabis space while other are just active users. Apparently that also includes Miguel, who lamented in a recent Billboard interview that he didn’t have any marijuana on him.

“Damn—I should’ve brought the weed with me,” Miguel said.

Now it wouldn’t be truly Miguel if it weren’t for a few details. The R&B singer told Billboard this two days before his birthday, “staring out at the rows of yachts moored by the waterfront patio of the Marina del Rey Ritz-Carlton in Los Angeles,” while munching on some avocado toast and sipping an almond-milk latte.

But more revealing is Miguel’s change in musical approach. Known for producing sexy, baby-making music, with songs like “Quickie” and “Pussy Is Mine,” the singer is becoming “woke,” as Billboard decided to describe it.

Via Billboard:

“After building his career — which includes two No. 1s on the Hot R&B/HipHop Albums charts, 2015’s Wildheart and 2012’s Kaleidoscope Dream — on songs about lust, love and lechery, Miguel has gradually been putting his political beliefs more front and center, starting with the Black Lives Matter tribute “How Many” he dropped on SoundCloud in July 2016. On War & Leisure, due later this year, his focus is still on the bedroom, but the music is threaded with a subtle yet undeniable subtext: Donald Trump and the dystopia he’s ushering in.”

So Miguel smokes weed and doesn’t like Trump. Yep, guess that means he’s woke.

Watch Singer Miguel Wish He Had Some Weed During Interview

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