Bob Marley Family Marijuana Looks to Expand Across State Lines with Marley Naturals

Bob Marley and his legendary family have lent their name to Marley Natural marijuana. It is one of the first celebrity brands to successfully cross over state lines and expand. They are eyeing New York as their next target looking to appeal to the consumers that were Bob Marley supporters.

Marley Natural, which is backed by Seattle-based Privateer Holdings, first launched in California in Februaryย and is now available in Oregon, in dispensaries in Portland and Eugene. Further expansion across the state is on the way.

A Marley Natural spokesman said in an email the company plans to have cannabis products on shelves in Washington State this fall. It also has โ€œteam membersโ€ in New York.

In addition, the company has hemp-based products that are available online, as well as ancillary products such as candles and tote bags that are carried by more than 100 retailers across the country, the spokesman said.

Other companies that have crossed state lines include Bhang Chocolate, Db3, Dixie Brands, Strainz, and Wana Brands.


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