Tired of eating the usual brownies and cookies, or just want a healthier alternative for your edible needs? Try out this recipe for tasty and healthy marijuana muffins. Chock full of fiber and delicious super-nutritious blueberries, you really can’t go wrong! Perfect as snacks or even breakfast (provided that you aren’t doing anything too important that day), within only 20 minutes you can be enjoying your cannabis infused muffins and not be too concerned or feel guilty about the potential side effects on your waistline. Everything you need to get started is only a quick shopping trip away!

Serves: 4
Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Muffins are good to eat anytime of the day, be it breakfast or as a snack, and if it’s freshly made and eaten, there’s just nothing like it. There are so many ways to make muffins but the weed muffins made from the cannabis plant are supposed to be a healthy option. Blueberries contain antioxidants that are very useful in neutralizing the free radicals in the body. They are low in fat, have lots of fibre, contain manganese, which is useful to convert fats and carbohydrates into energy. So Weed muffins seem to be a good thing.

Let’s see what you’ll need:
Small saucepan or a frying pan
Measuring cup
A whisk
Muffin tray with cups

½ cup 100 percent vegetable oil
6 grams ground cannabis or three grams full melt hash (no straining necessary)
½ a cup water
Cake Flour

Also, come check out the below tutorial video for a more in-depth break down of the cooking process from start to finish, brought to you by the creative folks over at ajnag.com. The recipe’s simple enough that you probably do not need it, but it doesn’t hurt to watch the experts go to work!

How to Make Weed Muffins: Recipe, Instructions & Video – Original Weed Recipes