Marijuana and video games go together almost perfectly and new virtual reality technology takes this great combination even further! Who wouldn’t want the chance to fight crime in Gotham as the caped crusader, go on an away mission to a newly discovered planet as a member of Starfleet, or fight a platoon of Imperial storm troopers with your trusty lightsaber after smoking a tasty joint? Even if you’re really not into video games, there are programs that let you go for a spacewalk or even let you climb Mt. Everest from the comfort and safety of your own home!

While we are still a good deal away from a completely immersive virtual reality experience akin to something out of the Matrix, developers have made significant jumps in the last few years with regards to the technology, thereby making the experiences that much more realistic while simultaneously making the actual hardware more affordable for the average consumer. Also, with companies like Netflix and IMAX getting in on the market you can expect much more content and innovation to follow. Be sure to follow the link below for more fun VR games and experiences to enjoy while nicely toasted!

15. Vacation Simulator
Best Virtual Reality Experiences While High!
Who doesn’t like to get stoned on vacation? With Vacation Simulator, you can toke up and relax at your favorite resort– in the comfort of your own home. Sure, you’d rather be sitting at an actual vacation hot-spot, but this is the next best thing. Especially if you’re too baked to know the difference.

14. Farpoint
Best Virtual Reality Experiences While High!
Farpoint is like a combination of Halo, Star Wars and Overwatch packed into one all-too-realistic virtual reality experience. Available on the PlayStation VR, Farpoint remains one of the system’s most popular first-person shooters. It’s not the smoothest game available, but it’s futuristic graphics and easy-to-use gameplay make it a must-have for any science fiction loving stoner.

13. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
Best Virtual Reality Experiences While High!
For those that enjoy getting stoned and getting a little spooked, you’re going to have to try the VR version of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Truly one of the scariest VR experiences out there, RE 7 is the perfect compliment to a smoke sesh. The only problem is, you’re still going to have to use a controller for this game, making it somewhat less reality-based. Still, that could be a good thing, considering how freaking scary this game is.

12. Batman: Arkham VR
Best Virtual Reality Experiences While High!
If you’re telling us you never dreamed of being Batman at least once, then we’re going to have to say you’re lying. If you thought getting stoned and watching The Dark Knight was cool, then you’re going to absolutely love this VR experience. This game blends the dark elements of Gotham right into your own home, and fighting Batman’s gallery of rogues in what appears to be real life is nothing short of awesome.


Top 15 Virtual Reality Experiences To Try When You’re High