Staying fit and active are very important factors for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and despite the common stereotype of “potheads” who just want to get high and then sit on the couch all day, enthusiasts can accomplish both just as well as anyone else. There are plenty of enthusiasts who maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes both exercise and weed with some folks going as far as calling marijuana a performance enhancing substance.

Folks that use cannabis to help with their exercise routines often claim that smoking weed can heighten their senses, allowing for greater muscle control and thereby making their movements more efficient. There are also certain cannabis strains can help you concentrate better, allowing for little distractions while you workout. With regards to helping one recover, some strains can assist with decreasing stress, soothing minor aches and pains, and stimulating a person’s appetite to help with gains. We’ve put together a list of some of the best strains to try to incorporate into your workout routine.

Acapulco Gold

The Best Strains For ExercisingA sativa strain known for providing a strong, focused, and energizing high as well as for pain relief, it is perfect for use post and pre-workout. Despite its significant potency, the high is very clear headed allowing you to channel your newly gained energy towards your routine as opposed to leaving you feeling scatter brained.


The Best Strains For ExercisingThis strain is a sativa-dominant blend of Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze, it provides a warm but not overwhelming body high and is great for exercising due to how clear headed it leaves you after smoking.

Ghost Train Haze

The Best Strains For ExercisingA super strong and stinky strain that may not have the prettiest buds you have ever seen, this potent sativa’s  extra high THC content will most definitely take you on a journey. Not for beginners, this “speedy” strain will get you going in no time.

Green Crack

The Best Strains For ExercisingThe famously powerful and dubiously named Green Crack strain is a powerful daytime sativa that is well known to significantly boost your energy while keeping you nice and alert, perfect for a very productive time at the gym.


The Best Strains For ExercisingThe Harlequin is a high CBD content, sativa-dominant strain with minimal psychoactive effects that provides a very mellow high that’s great to stay focused without making your thoughts race and is also quite effective at fighting off pain.

Jilly Bean

The Best Strains For ExercisingA cross between Orange Velvet and Space Queen, this popular and fragrant strain is well known for its tropical taste, its uplifting effects, as well as providing a cerebral, yet stimulating, high.

Super Silver Lemon Haze

The Best Strains For ExercisingSuper Silver Lemon Haze is a cross of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze which is famous for helping with increased concentration and focus. This is one strain that you may want to dabble with in order to to perfect your form.

Have you made cannabis a part of your regular fitness routine? Have you tried any of these strains before? Are there any other strains that you would add to the list?