Marijuana has a seemingly endless list of uses with new ones being discovered almost every day. One often overlooked aspect of how it can benefit humans is how it can help in matters related to the bedroom. A little cannabis from the right strains can potentially help folks maintain a healthy sex life or even spice things up a bit for some enthusiasts. There are numerous different cannabis strains and marijuana based products such as CBD extracts that can help those in need. For example, marijuana can help alleviate the anxiety that some may unfortunately experience when being intimate. Which of course can potentially lead to less than satisfying and sometimes highly awkward sexual encounters we would all like to avoid!

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Which weed strain is best for sex is a difficult question to answer. In fact, says Erica Kay of the Los Angeles’s Cornerstone Collective, “You can’t make a blanket statement about things like this.” There are simply too many variables. And what bud is best for the bedroom is pretty specific depending on the starting point before the drug is even introduced. For instance, are you in pain? Anxious? Are you using marijuana to give a boost to a dormant libido? There are different strains for different moods.

But broadly speaking, for the more anxiety prone, experts like Kay say it’s best to opt for a strain high in CBD and low in THC (AKA tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive chemical that can trigger both euphoria as well as paranoia). Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the cannabinoid in marijuana that helps unfurl shoulder knots; it’s what gives you that melted butter body high, and therefore can be helpful for getting in the mood. Relaxation—especially for people with vaginas and those with general anxiety—is essential for reaching orgasm.

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