With the leaves starting to turn and a crisp coolness beginning to fill the air, autumn is finally here. From Halloween to Thanksgiving there will be plenty of time for folks to celebrate the season and what better way to do so than with some awesome herb! Check out this list of some of our favorite cannabis strains you can enjoy during the fall season. From uplifting and racy sativas to highly relaxing indicas and everything in between, there is a strain for almost everyone and they for sure will not leave you and your fellow cannabis enthusiasts disappointed.

Jack Flash:
The Best Cannabis Strains For Fall, jack flash, jack flash weedThe Jack Flash strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s more of a daytime strain, it provides a boost in mood, an uplifting and cerebral high along with a reasonably strong body high. Borrowing its name from a tribute strain named for the late Jack Herer (author of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” and one of the most noted cannabis activists) that was crossed by Sensi Seeds, Jack Flash is ultimately a beautiful cross of haze and skunk.

Nine Pound Hammer:
The Best Cannabis Strains For Fall, indica, couchlock, strong weed, nine pound hammer A personal favorite, Nine Pound Hammer strain is strong indica that’s perfect for relaxing and well known for its pain relieving qualities. Some enthusiasts swear by it for tackling their insomnia, anxiety, and other stress related issues while others find it to be great medicine for treating chronic pain. While it does hold a reputation to knock you on your ass for extensive periods, it’s great for night time use or REALLY lazy fall days at home!

Scooby Snacks:
The Best Cannabis Strains For Fall, scooby snacks, scooby, strain reviews The popular Scooby Snacks strain is strong indica leaning hybrid cross of the Platinum Girl Scout Cookies hybrid and the Face of OG indica strains. Considered a well balanced hybrid by many enthusiasts, it’s perfect for dealing with anxiety issues, insomnia, and even just for relaxing at home with some movies (or Scooby Doo reruns). Keep in mind, this strain has a tendency to leave you couchlocked for a while so make sure you tread lightly when you first try it out.

Super Lemon Haze:
The Best Cannabis Strains For Fall, strain reviews, lemon haze cannabis, lemon haze marijuana Super Lemon haze is a delicious and pungent cross of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze that is relatively easy to cultivate and often produces a significant harvest. This is another daytime strain perfect for the wake and bake crowd to get their days started without loosing too much focus.

White Russian:
The Best Cannabis Strains For Fall, white russian weed, marijuana legalizationNamed after The Big Lebowski’s favorite beverage, it’s a daytime hybrid born of the popular White Widow and AK-47 hybrids, that leans heavily toward the sativa side of the family. Enthusiasts love it for its energetic and euphoric qualities while it also quickly helps those suffering from anxiety, stress, and depression. The high is very focused so you can still get things done throughout the day and is also said to help spark creativity in some!

Have you ever tried any of these cannabis strains that are perfect for the fall? Are there any other strains that you would add to the list?