Sunday blues getting to you and already dreading Monday? Check out this especially hilarious episode of the Comedy Central series ‘This Is Not Happening,’ with comedian, marijuana enthusiast, and good guy, Ari Shaffir, for a quick and fun pick me up!

In this episode, he talks openly about how he partakes in marijuana edibles in order to help him enjoy the often times tedious and long lasting UFC events with fellow comedian and UFC mainstay Joe Rogan. Indulging in weed ‘breath strips,’ the mysterious purpose behind those small little ‘drug baggies’ we’re all familiar with, planning scavenger hunts with cannabis edibles as prizes via his Twitter feed for his fans, a run in with a mall security guard involving Andrew ‘Dice’ Clay, as well as almost getting arrested by a Minnesota state trooper for hiding some of those weed ‘breath strips’ in the underwear aisle of a J. Crew in the mall of America (and causing quite a commotion by doing so) are some of the topics.

Despite being decidedly illegal in most places and most definitely ill advised, the edibles sure sounded like a fun treat for those fans that could participate, well unless you REALLY wanted those edibles and didn’t decipher the clues in time! Be sure to catch more full length episodes of the ‘This Is Not Happening’ series with some of our other favorite and super funny comedians on the Comedy Central website or on Youtube by following the links below!

While high at a UFC fight, Ari Shaffir had a genius idea about setting up a scavenger hunt for his fans, which he continued to do until he ran into trouble with the cops.

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