April first is here which usually means rampant funny business for the day and if your friends are anything like mine, they’ll have everyone second guessing pretty much everything for the next twenty-four hours! If you want to get in on the high jinks, check out these slightly unethical yet funny as hell April fool’s day pranks to pull on your fellow stoners!

Follow the link below for a few more (mostly) harmless pranks to pull on your peeps and have a happy and safe Easter/April Fool’s day!

April Fool’s day is the one day out of the year when it’s perfectly acceptable to be a jerk. While this day is just like any other for some, others prefer to take advantage and have fun. Rather than pulling the same old pregnancy prank, or any of the others that people commonly pick, use weed to help you come up with something excellent. In case you need some bright ideas, then here are six April Fool’s jokes that’ll definitely trick your weed-loving pals.

1. Replace their weed with oregano


Ahh, the classic oregano prank. It never gets old, and it works every time. Plus, there are several ways to pull this one. Either you can roll a joint with oregano and have one of your homies spark it. Or, you can hide their stash and replace it with oregano. Oh, the possibilities.

2. Add some flavor to their bong water


It’s best to pull this prank on a friend whose bong isn’t clear where the water goes. If that’s the case, you can add just about anything, from hot sauce to vodka. Sure, it’s sort-of evil. But seeing the look on their face will be worth every bit of evil-doing.


6 Hilarious Weed Pranks To Pull On Your Pals This April Fool’s Day