Anthony Mackie, probably best known for his role as the Avenger’s high soaring hero, The Falcon, stopped by The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon recently to promote his latest movie, the smash hit Avengers: Infinity War, and told the story of when he first smoked weed while at a party in the middle of the woods in Utah. Unfortunately, Mackie gets a little paranoid after a single hit from an apparently very strong blunt and asks his friends to leave with him immediately. While on their way out of the party with flashlights in hand, poor Anthony ends up getting chased by an angry mamma moose after a misguided and failed attempt at chivalry. Moral of the story, it’s never a good idea to be way too high in the woods late at night! You can catch the full interview with Mackie below and Avengers: Infinity War in theaters now!

Anthony Mackie reminds Jimmy of the time they ate sushi with Mick Jagger at the Met Ball until 7 a.m., describes his first weed experience, which ended with him getting chased by a moose, and gives a brilliant recap of Avengers: Infinity War.



Anthony Mackie’s First Time Smoking Weed Got Him Chased by a Moose – YouTube