Can All Marijuana Use Be Considered Medicinal?

Can all types of cannabis use actually be categorized as medicinal? Some vocal cannabis proponents are making the case that all marijuana use should in fact be considered medicinal. Seeing very little distinction between recreational and medicinal use, these folks reason that even if one is going to be using marijuana for fun, the numerous compounds and chemicals found in cannabis are still providing their significant health effects despite the reason as to why it’s being consumed. They do have a good point as cannabis enthusiasts are just as likely to reap the same health benefits from marijuana as those that are using it for treatment of various health reasons such as help with insomnia, pain relief, restoring one’s appetite, or coping with anxiety and stress issues.

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Another way to look whether or not cannabis is being used medically is the method of ingestion. Those who use cannabis for medical purposes may well need a specific dosage of cannabinoids and terpenoids, as well as specific cannabinoid-terpenoid profiles. Patients need an ingestion method that is safe, reliable, easy to control for psychoactive effects and consistent. Sadly, smoking, most edibles, bongs and vaporizers do not tend to be able to fulfil those requirements. Other methods of ingestion, such as tinctures, patches and transdermals (as well as prescription drugs such as dronabinol, which is usually available in capsules), are generally (but not always) the preferred ingestion methods for medical cannabis patients. Creams that can be applied directly to the skin – and will therefore likely have no psychoactive effect whatsoever – are another method of using cannabis for medical purposes.

It could be that some conditions are simply not chronic enough to technically be conditions, but if that is true it does not change the fact that everyday people can experience anxiety, sleeplessness or pain at any given moment. Why should medical cannabis not be available to any adult at any time they may need it like Tylenol? Should cannabis be an over-the-counter drug?

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