Alice B. Toklas Hashish Fudge Recipe 1954

Listen to Christine Sclafani talk about the oldest marijuana recipe known to the world. Hashish Fudge by Alice B. Tolkas. In 1954 Tolkas released a cookbook that had all of her amazing recipes that she had run across during her travels. If you have had a chance to try Hashish Fudge please comment below.

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Listen to Alice B. Toklas recite and and talk about her hashish fudge recipe here:


Food and culture have always been intertwined. But then there are those people that have traveled the world and absorbed the nuances of culture to a point where they are able to pickout the most remarkable details. You know, cultured people. People like Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas.

Hi I am Christine Sclafani and I am the culture correspondent for The National Marijuana News. Today I am talking about a weed recipe, in fact the oldest marijuana recipe known to the world. Hashish Fudge by Alice B. Tolkas. The recipe is very complicated, and the significance of this story has more to do with Tolkas than the recipe. After traveling the world with Gertude Stein, possibly the most famous avant-garde artist in the world.

Tolkas released a cookbook in 1954 that detailed all of the amazing recipes she had run across during her travels. She was given one particular recipe for a Hashish Fudge by an artist she had met in Morocco. Of all the recipes in the book she always felt that the Hashish Fudge was one of the most profound and was terribly frustrated that the American version of her book left out the recipe. She talked about how the fudge would be a nice treat for women’s bridge club. I’ll put in a link down below in the comments area where you can actually hear Toklas talk about her recipe.

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