Curious about how to take advantage of Las Vegas’ marijuana scene? Check out the below video from GQ’s Viceland show MOST EXPENSIVEST, with superstar rapper and avid marijuana enthusiast, 2 Chainz, as visits a Las Vegas dispensary for his cannabis needs. The artist, best known for his 2014 and 2017 smash hits,”F**kin’ Problems” and “No Problem,” is suffering from a recent leg injury and hoping to find some alternative forms of relief. From traditional flower to some of the far newer tinctures, the rapper from Georgia tries it all. Needless to say, this dispensary’s staff knows what they are doing! At the end of it all, when he’s presented with a ridiculously awesome joint and gift box, it is likely his broken leg was not bothering him much more anymore!

2 Chainz goes to a marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas and checks out some of their offerings, including CBD patches and a gold-wrapped joint. Watch more MOST EXPENSIVEST, Wednesdays at 10:30pm on VICELAND.

While the rapper’s outspoken support of marijuana has made him somewhat of a target for those with more conservative viewpoints, the man holds his own when asked to provide reasoning behind legalization and wiping away minor offenses related to its sale and use. Check out the below video from 2015 as he expertly engages host Nancy Grace on the topic.

Nancy Grace and rapper 2 Chainz had an amazing debate over the legalization of marijuana Tuesday night on the legal analyst’s HLN show.

The rapper, who graduated from Alabama State University with a 4.0 while on a basketball scholarship, is in favor of legalizing the drug. GossipCop summed up 2 Chainz’s argument on the show: “Minor drug offenses can prevent people from getting jobs and loans, and suggested that legalization could ease overcrowding in prisons and help the economy, saying taxpayer money would be freed up if people weren’t unnecessarily being prosecuted.”


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