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Drug Matrix formulations

Address: West Coast: 1240 Sixth St. Ste. C
Berkeley, CA
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Novium is a pre-clinical stage biopharmaceutical company that is focused on life changing medicinal cannabis formulations coupled with innovative drug delivery systems. We specialize in developing novel, proprietary compounded therapies derived through extensive pharmacology of cannabinoids. Our therapies are focused on specific and targeted terpenoid formulations that have a wide range of effects on varying illnesses and symptoms. These formulations and compounds have been created through 4 decades of research from countries all over the world.
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Most of the current drug therapy market has been focused on synthetically derived allopathic (single main ingredient or strain i.e. OG KUSH with a flavoring agent for aroma and taste). We are focused on utilizing complex drug combinations that work together, synergistically, in concert homeostatic action with the body. Drug Matrix formulations have several advantages:

Several dozen different compounds share the same medical properties in common and/or, improve function of the main ingredients (Entourage Effect).

Reduce/minimize side effects of the main ingredients.

A drug matrix treats a much broader range of aliments and symptoms.

Work homeostatically in the body (rather than by brute force), stimulating the body’s natural physiology and repair mechanisms.

Terpenoids are an old ‘technology’, ergo less expensive to produce, much of which already has GRAS status, mostly due to the low toxicity, and low incidence of allergies and intolerances reported in most terpenoids used medicinally. Less lawsuits due to less issues.


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