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Me Time Box Products – Smoking Subscription Box
Address: 8022 S Rainbow Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89139
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Short Business Description: Me Time Box Products offers a smoking subscription box for a one-time purchase or save $10/month with a recurring subscription. Me Time Box Products is also the home of the free pipe. Get a free glass pipe, just pay shipping to get a premium new weed pipe! Me Time Box Products is also packed with useful information for maintaining your glass like tips on how to pack a one hitter and how to clean a glass pipe.
Long Business Description:

Me Time Box Products offers a monthly smoking subscription box packed with items to enjoy life, every day.

The Original Smoking Subscription Box from Me Time Box Products is packed with the latest products from Vegas and California, delivered discreetly to your door. Each monthly smoking subscription box has a minimum of 2 pieces of glass and all of the essentials needed for you to enjoy your natural medicine. Instead of going to a local smoke shop, get the hottest glass pipes sent direct to you. Each stoner subscription box has a value of over $125. The best thing about the metimebox is that you can cancel anytime and if you aren't interested in subscribing to a monthly smoke box, then you can purchase a single box anytime.

Me Time Box Products is also the home of the free glass pipe. As part of an initiative to help spread cannabis awareness, we are giving away 1 million pieces of glass as part of our free pipe frenzy. The goal of the free smoke pipe promotion is to put a unique glass pipe in curious people's hands. If people have something to smoke out of, then they just need to go to dispensary and purchase some legal cannabis!

TNMNews Culture Correspondent Christine Sclafani had a chance to review and claim her free glass pipe. You don't  have to wait for Free Pipe Fridays to get a new piece, because the Me Time Box Products promotion is running until we give away 1M total awesome glass pipes!

Looking for some useful information on how to clean your glass pipe or how to use a one hitter? Is it safe or even possible to smoke out of cracked glass pipe? Me Time has you covered with how-to's and guides for newbie smokers and anyone looking for a refresher.

Head on over to and claim your free pipe or a one time smoking subscription box!

[caption id="attachment_56329" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Get a free weed pipe from MeTimeBox products. Be a part of the free pipe frenzy before they are all gone! Get a beautiful, unique glass pipe from Me Time Box Products. Just pay shipping and handling to have a free pipe delivered discreetly to your door![/caption]

Business Website Address: Smoking Subscription Box
Business Phone Number: (951) 653-6563
Sugar & Kush CBD Products
Address: Sugar & Kush CBD
53 Wanaque Ave
Suite 2
Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442
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Short Business Description: Sugar and Kush CBD products have no THC. Enjoy our unflavored pure CBD oil drops and flavored CBD tinctures, 500mg CBD gummies and keto CBD edibles that are either sugar-free or lower sugar. Try CBD for sleep, anxiety, hormone balance and maximize the benefits of CBD!
Long Business Description:

Sugar and Kush CBD products are derived from a pure CBD isolate with no THC. All products are tested by a third party to ensure the purity of our products. We infuse our CBD into a great tasting CMT coconut oil and make sure all of our products are low calorie and low-sugar for those following the Keto Diet or for diabetics. We offer CBD tinctures in great flavors like vanilla, hazelnut, cotton candy, bubble gum, orange creamsicle and even unflavored.

Our 500mg CBD gummy bundles have 25mgs of CBD per gummy and make for an easy on the go solution for adding CBD into your daily routine. We also offer great tasting CBD brownies and cookies for snacks or dessert. Try our CBD products and let us know what you think. We only want to offer the very best products to our clients. We use best practices in extraction and farming techniques.

Sugar and Kush CBD products were inspired by a young woman and a founder of S&K named Laura Brenner that used hemp oil to help fight off stage-3 ovarian cancer in her early 30’s. After starting an entirely holistic plant based diet she found that hemp had miraculous impacts on her ability to get a good night’s sleep and manage pain. Today Sugar and Kush designs all of their products around the diet her body needed to battle cancer.

All Sugar and Kush CBD products are low-calorie, low-sugar so that anyone following the Keto diet or struggling with diabetes can enjoy them and experience the benefits of CBD. We put out a recent press release about how essential using ingredients of the highest quality is so important for optimizing the benefits of CBD oil. From our 25mg gummy bears to our Sugar and Kush oil drops and edibles, you will find they all taste great. Adding CBD into your daily routine has never been easier. Drop some hazelnut CBD tincture into your coffee in the morning, vanilla flavored tincture into your smoothie or some cotton candy tincture right under your tongue. We also offer orange creamsicle, bubble gum CBD and unflavored tinctures. Our gummy bears are 25mgs each. They are a fun and easy way to add CBD into your life while you are on the go. Our Keto CBD edibles, cookies and brownies are a great way to grab an enriched snack or have some guilt-free dessert.

We only use the highest quality CMT oil derived from coconuts in our products to help in the absorption of CBD. As a cannabinoid, CBD is solvent into oils and fats and so using a CMT oil allows our consumers to make the most out of every bite. We also only use best practices in farming and extraction techniques. All of our products are also lab tested by a third party to ensure the purity of our products. We also want our customers to feel comfortable that there is no THC in any of our products.

At Sugar & Kush, we believe that we should all have access to pure, premium CBD products at a reasonable price, and it should be a delicious and positive experience every time. CBD is such an incredible compound, and we offer only the highest quality, third party tested products. Our team of experts have worked for years to bring you CBD products you can trust and enjoy, perfected through sustainable farming methods, food grade compound extraction, and a drop of passion. Okay, maybe a whole dropper full of passion.

When you use Sugar & Kush you’re getting products that are premium, potent, non-GMO, pesticide free, and free of herbicides or chemical fertilizers. We guarantee our products are 100% THC free and legal in all 50 states. We hope that you enjoy the wellness benefits of our CBD isolate as much as we do. Welcome to the family. We welcome any Sugar & Kush reviews of our products as well.

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Buy CBD gummies and save. Coupon code: TNMN20

Read more about our Sugar and Kush Review.

Watch Sugar Kush Reviews on YouTube!

Business Website Address: Sugar & Kush CBD
Business Phone Number: 201-293-6211
Atomic Blaze Smoke Shop
Address: 1183 Sarasota Center Blvd
Sarasota, FL

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Short Business Description: Atomic Blaze Smoke Shop, based in Sarasota FL, was built by smokers, for smokers. Atomic Blaze is an American owned and operated business designed to be a support business to a growing industry. We sell wholesale glass pipes, colorful bongs, bubblers, dab kit bundles, smoking accessories and gifts for smokers with wholesale prices, shipped discreetly to you.
Long Business Description:

Atomic Blaze Smoke Shop was built by smokers, for smokers. Based in Sarasota, FL, Atomic Blaze is an American owned and operated business that was designed to be a support business to a growing industry. We sell wholesale to retailers and wholesale pricing direct to you.

Why do we sell wholesale smoking accessories directly to you? Some people prefer the head shop experience and some people don’t. Some smokers are looking for something specific, like a glass bong and can order online. New smokers may want to stay home, shop online or go overpay at a smokeshop. 

It makes no difference to us, but we want you to save money on head shop supplies, while spending your hard earned money where it counts. 

The headshop industry has been ripe for disruption. The traditional smokeshop model was simple: supply the public with overpriced hand pipes, glass bongs, dab rigs and other smoking accessories at a 5X markup. 

Have the greedy headshop owners forgotten how we got here and all the progress we have made? 

Don’t you think it’s time to stop overpaying for your smoke shop supplies and accessories? 

The AtomicBlaze Smoke Shop Promise: We will NEVER overcharge you for smoking essentials. Shop online and pick up curbside or have your new glass piece shipped discreetly to your door.Never Overpay for Smoke Shop Essentials at Atomic Blaze Smoke ShopVisit Atomic Blaze on Social Media:








Business Website Address: online smokeshop
Business Phone Number: 941-952-3425
Address: 3707 168th St NE Suite 1
Arlington, WA
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Short Business Description: One of the Nation's largest cannabis business to business events
Long Business Description:

We serve as the global marketplace for education, innovative products, and businesses serving the cannabis industry. Enjoy an interactive gathering of like-minded cannabis professionals and peers. Benefit from this immersive experience learning from leading problem-solving professionals, speaking on the wide range of topics on the latest developments in the industry. Place your hands on the latest cannabis technology and consumer products and learn about the trends influencing today and beyond.


Business Website Address: Click Here To Visit
Business Phone Number: 425-791-4467
Champs Trade Shows
Address: Presented by Gage Enterprises
4802 Saloma Ave.
Sherman Oaks, CA
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Long Business Description:

CHAMPS Las Vegas Winter Show runs Feb 27th – March 1st If you’re a cannabis business person, then you owe it to yourself to meet the major players in the industry. You owe it to yourself be a part of the oldest, most prestigious trade show in the cannabis industry! This is the fifty-fifth trade show mounted by CHAMPS and the fortieth staged in Las Vegas. Hundreds of businesses will be represented in a space that encompasses 245,000 square feet, the area of eight and a half football fields! Over the course of 20 years, the industry has flourished and matured. CHAMPS’ growth has paralleled this cannabis revolution. CHAMPS has grown from a trade show that once focused primarily on the glass artist community, and the smokeshops that purchased their goods, into a juggernaut that now hosts multiple sectors of the cannabis marketplace.

Forever CHAMPS! The oldest trade show in the cannabis industry celebrates its 20th anniversary.

When you get to the show or if you’re there already... Look around, folks, take it in!

This is the fifty-fifth trade show mounted by CHAMPS and the fortieth staged here in Las Vegas. Hundreds of businesses are represented in a space that encompasses 245,000 square feet, the area of four and a half football fields!

The marketplace is booming and CHAMPS is proud to have backed the cannabis business community for two solid decades. No trade show is older and, certainly, no event associated with the use of cannabis can equal its rate of growth. In truth, CHAMPS is the unsung success story of our industry.

Of course, being “unsung” was a conscious business decision. Twenty years ago, sherlock pipes, one-hitters, bongs, hand pipes and the like were as demonized as cannabis, courtesy of a 1994 Supreme Court decision (Posters 'N' Things, Ltd. v. United States), a ruling that still stands today. The Court rendered ceramic, metal and glass pipes—even rolling papers—all “drug paraphernalia” these items, commonly found in head shops, were deemed designed for use with illegal drugs. In other words, the pipe itself has “intent,” not the user. It didn’t matter that this illegal paraphernalia could also be used to inhale tobacco or an alternative smoking mixture. The Court had spoken.

That made selling a bong a bit problematic. In fact, in those bad old days a pipe dealer or a customer who uttered the word “bong” could be thrown out of a head shop in every state. Even the display of a cannabis leaf itself was dangerous and could lead to harassment, if not prosecution. In this uncertain atmosphere, Peter and Jeff founded CHAMPS.

The year was 1998. For a few years, paraphernalia companies had successfully showcased their merchandise at one of the largest wholesale trade shows in the nation. But that September the rug was pulled out from under those vendors. U.S. Customs officials warned that show not to allow the purveyors of illegal pipes to purchase vendor booths. Peter Gage and Jeff Hirschfeld had invested heavily in Gage Water Pipes, their own company. They had bought booths at the show for the company but were abruptly closed out. Which brings to mind what Albert Einstein said: “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”

“We reacted,” recalls Jeff. “Peter and I both had trade show experience. We saw the empty space that had been left behind. So we got an insurance policy, signed a contract with the Gold Coast Hotel & Casino and we got busy.”

The first show made its debut in February 1999 at the Gold Coast. It included just thirty-four 7’ x 8’ booths in a ballroom that comprised less than 4,000 square feet. The show was undeniably small, but they were heartened by the enthusiastic response of pipe sellers, especially the community of glass artists.

Back then, CHAMPS was known as the C.T.A. Show. The initials stood for “Contemporary Tobacco Accessories.” It may have been a bit disingenuous, but running a trade show that provided a business-to-business setting for paraphernalia manufacturers and head shop owners necessitated discretion. In other words, they hid in plain sight.

It was standard procedure for Jeff and Peter to decline coverage of the show by marijuana-themed publications. “You have to understand the level of paranoia at that time,” Jeff says.  "We didn’t want to be a target. It’s the way the manufacturers wanted it. It’s the way head shops wanted it and the way we wanted it. Otherwise, vendors and buyers wouldn’t have come.”

Peter says they can laugh now. “Back then, everyone’s booth featured signs that read ‘For Tobacco Use’ only. But we had no choice. The head shop owners posted the same signs in their shops. Everyone had to distance themselves from pot in order to do business.”

Still, the trade show thrived, moving on to convention centers from hotel conference halls. Significantly, its meteoric growth coincided with the rising popularity of glass smokeware. Although Bob Snodgrass, known as the “Godfather of Glass,” had developed his techniques for glass pipe-making in the 1980s, it wasn’t until the mid-‘90s that these new instruments of pleasure emerged widely on the cannabis scene.

Glass smokeware was an instant sensation. They were unique and colorful, providing a singular smoking experience. Moreover, a colorful, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted pipe became a personal keepsake. Glass transformed the paraphernalia marketplace.

“We have always backed the glass community and tried to promote high-end glass, as well as the artists themselves,” Peter says. “After twenty years, we really have become a family.”

In the cannabis industry, the cultivators and the consumers are the two target markets of all business. Unfortunately, since the beginning of the War on Drugs, the federal government has focused on arresting and prosecuting the two same groups. In February 2003, the Feds decided to take down the paraphernalia industry, launching Operation Pipe Dreams and Operation Headhunter. Fifty-five people were busted for engaging in interstate commerce to transport drug paraphernalia.

The raids shook up everyone. Were more on the way? Attorney General John Ashcroft labeled those who manufacture paraphernalia “no better than drug dealers.” Websites advertising glass pipes were taken down instantly, and head shops cleared their shelves.

The raids also happened to be launched on the eve of the C.T.A Show. Nervous vendors canceled. The number of businesses scheduled to attend dropped from 180 to a mere 34. On the bright side, Jeff and Peter did open the doors and got through the show without government harassment.

“We were nervous and on edge the whole time,” says Jeff. “I was worried about our clients and our show. But we stood by our people. We offered full refunds or full credits toward future shows. I remained confident that we’d continue and survive.”

In order to escape further scrutiny, C.T.A. vanished. Jeff and Peter pivoted away from tobacco and smoking and renamed the show. The C.T.A. trade show became C.H.A.M.P.S, an acronym for “Contemporary Handcrafted American Made Products Show. The name highlights “America’s diversity of products and the creditable glass art industry,” Jeff says.

What remains funny—albeit sixteen years later—is Ashcroft’s boast about the success of the raids. He crowed: “We’ve taken decisive steps to dismantle the illegal drug paraphernalia industry.”

That would be news to—well—just about everyone. Since 2003, ten states, plus Washington D.C, have legalized recreational marijuana. Thirteen states have decriminalized, but not legalized, and thirty-three have legalized medicinal use. Needless to say, businesses that serve both consumers and cultivators have multiplied exponentially.

Not surprisingly, CHAMPS growth has been impressive—more booths and more attendees each show. Plus, new features have been added to the event. In 2010, CHAMPS hosted the first Las Vegas Flameoff, with scores of artists squaring off in an on-site competition to create superlative glass art pipes. The Flameoff has evolved into the Glass Games with substantial cash prizes awarded in an array of categories.

At this special anniversary show here in Las Vegas, CHAMPS is introducing CHAMPS Dispensary Plus, an entire division of vendor booths dedicated to meeting the demands of the burgeoning dispensary scene in states that have legalized cannabis. You’ll find banking services, insurance groups, and credit card companies among those businesses addressing the needs of commercial cannabis sellers.

Las Vegas is CHAMPS’ home base, but the trade show now stages events in Denver, Orlando, and Atlantic City, with plans for shows in Michigan and New England in the near future. “When a state goes legal, we’ll be there to support it,” Jeff says confidently.

Is there a secret to CHAMPS’ success? Not really. Jeff insists: “We listen to the community. I like to think that I treat CHAMPS in the same way I treat my life and my family—with respect. We believe in what we do, we do it well and we get better with each show.”

Peter puts it more simply: “The buyers power the CHAMPS Show.”

It’s an obvious truth. The buyers at CHAMPS are very similar to the traders who traveled the ancient Silk Road, the merchants who transported the precious goods of artisans in faraway lands back to the civilizations who crave them. Like them, the buyers at CHAMPS have access to the very finest products of the retail cannabis industry. And they’ll travel back to their own hometowns to delight their clients with new treasures wherever they do business. Best of all, the promise of legalization is legitimizing their commerce at last.

CHAMPS proudly continues to grow and flourish. As CHAMPS kicks off its third decade, Jeff, Peter and the entire CHAMPS team want to thank all of you for being a part of the family!

Business Website Address: Click Here to Visit
Business Phone Number: 818-855-1528
Business Fax: 818-905-3260
Evolved Thinking
Address: Scottsdale, AZ
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Short Business Description: Evolved Thinking, is a tailor-made marketing boutique working to defy industry standards, one campaign, website and social account at a time.
Long Business Description:

Evolved Thinking, is a tailor-made marketing boutique working to defy industry standards, one campaign, website and social account at a time.

If you haven’t already noticed, the online world is saturated with average content that provides it’s consumers little to no value. We want to put a stop to passionate businesses wasting another minute being another average product or service.

There are two brands in this world: those who lead, evolve and embrace their personality, and those who follow industry trends, just like every other competitor. Every brand has a story that connects their why to their audience. We want to help tell that story.

Evolved Thinking is driven by a dynamic team of curious digital natives, story-tellers and disruptors.

So, ask yourself - do you want to be another average brand that follows, or do you want to be a thought-leader?

We don’t go with the flow, we break through the mold.

Business Website Address: Click Here to Visit
Business Phone Number: (415) 742-2486
Kush Clicks Cannabis Advertising
Address: 8022 S Rainbow Blvd, #110
Las Vegas, NV
Rating (average): (1)
Business Sector: ,
Short Business Description: provides medical and recreational marijuana and cannabis brands with premium online advertising and marketing opportunities to expand their reach and grow their business.
Long Business Description:

Premium Cannabis Advertising and Marketing Solutions. provides medical and recreational marijuana and cannabis brands with premium online advertising and marketing opportunities to expand their reach and grow their business. provides cannabis brands with a performance based advertising network.
Our premium online advertising platform that connects, legal medical and recreational marijuana companies with engaging consumers to grow their business. Kush Clicks premium online cannabis advertising platform connects, legal medical and recreational marijuana companies with engaging consumers to grow their business.

Kush Clicks is a technology driven, performance based advertising network that helps legal medical and recreational marijuana companies amplify their brand’s voice. Kush Clicks premium network of culture based and mainstream websites gives cannabis brand’s access to engaging customers, on a pay for performance pricing structure. The Kush Clicks advertising network helps brands in the marijuana industry get discovered and grow their business.


Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 702-825-1283