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Zodaka is designed to increase safety, reliability, and convenience in the cannabis and CBD industries. Our system works by providing merchants and customers a digital environment in which to conduct bank-to-bank transfers without foreign banks, pre-loading, reserves, minimums, spending limits, subscription fees, card declinations, and chargebacks. Users simply create an account, connect to their bank and they are ready to purchase from any Zodaka-enabled merchant. Once a user pays, the transaction goes directly to the merchant’s bank without being held in any intermediaries. This allows Zodaka to process entirely within the U.S. legally and safely without keeping any of your funds in reserve. These factors combine to enable cannabis businesses at every step of the supply chain to buy and sell without fear of losing their payment processor.

By processing entirely domestically we are also able to overcome the problem of credit card declinations. These declinations absolutely kill merchants because they occur after product has already been distributed, usually because the merchant’s processor is routing payments offshore. Not only do Zodaka payments never leave the country, but our system does not even contain a card to decline. The only reason a Zodaka payment would be rejected is if the customer has insufficient funds in their account or a history of fraudulent behavior. Zodaka also does not allow for chargebacks because we don’t move money using credit cards.

Ability to integrate is huge for Zodaka, which is why we designed our system as an API that can be integrated with any custom management, delivery, or ecommerce system.

We built Zodaka to be not just a payment gateway but a payment network. As more merchants join our system more choices open up to our users. We also have a wide-ranging partnership program with a variety of professionals in fields necessary to the cannabis industry. If merchants are looking for services such as branding, merchandise, web development, or even cannabis-friendly bank accounts, Zodaka can point them in the right direction.

In the high risk space it is easy to charge unfair prices, as in the past merchants just haven’t had many options. They could choose cash and spend a fortune on armored cars, or choose an unreliable credit card workaround that funnels their money through an offshore bank. Any electronic solution that was semi-viable could charge 8%-15% per transaction and merchants would simply have to pay up. Zodaka was created to change that. We charge nothing to access our system because we believe that every merchant big or small should have access to secure payment processing without having to sacrifice their margins. Merchants pay on a per transaction basis, meaning Zodaka only makes money if our merchants make money. Zodaka offers the most competitive rates in the industry, categorically cheaper than the competition.

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