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What Is Hemp Biomass?

Renewable energy through plant biomass can seriously reduce our carbon footprint and contributions to greenhouse gases that are warming the climate. By taking care of our climate through renewable energy, we are investing in the future for all life on earth as a whole. Here’s how hemp can help that effort

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Cannabis Terpenes Could Lessen Our Dependence on Big Pharma

Every part of the cannabis plant has been used for centuries to treat a wide variety of ailments, and terpenes can be as beneficial, if not more so, than some of their Big Pharma counterparts.

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How To Get Hired in the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis-related job opportunities are increasing and it's important to consider everything that recruiters may look for in potential teammates.

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Hemp Is the Only Thing That Can Save Us From Plastic

Our dependence on plastics is not going away, but there’s a more sustainable process in producing this essential product.

Hemp is more renewable and less costly for manufacturers to produce while also being easier on the environment. It can literally replace plastic in every way, yet it seems companies that would benefit from using it have not caught up with the evidence. 

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Why CBD Cookies Are Good for You

The most common way to take CBD is by using a vape pen or as a supplement. But for people who are not fond of those methods, one excellent way to introduce CBD in the system is through edibles like CBD cookies.