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FEDECORE Can Help Colombia Become an Industrial Hemp Powerhouse

FEDECORE and One World Pharma have teamed up to join efforts distributing seed-to-sale assistance to qualified communities in Colombia.

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Colombia Is Already an Export Powerhouse Who Can Easily Take on Cannabis and Hemp

Slowly but surely the Colombian government has made access to cannabis consumption available to its people and for manufacturing by working together with other countries and expediting global legalization.

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Social Equity Should Be a Priority in Canna-Biz

It is critical to look at the people and communities negatively affected by past legislation and stigma surrounding cannabis.

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Hemp Seeds Are a Superfood

Hemp is not just a commodity to replace plastics or from which to sew together high-end clothing items. From smoking it to using hemp topical ointments, to delicious edibles you can make with hemp, the plant’s versatility is unstoppable.

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Using Hemp Isn’t New; It’s Already On a Comeback

This little plant that may be able to help us save the day.

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Will Colombia’s Govt Allow the Export of Canna Flower?

As the global demand for cannabis products increase, all eyes are on Columbia’s potential to export the cannabis flower.

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Hemp Distillate Education Should Be Prioritized

Education on the subject of hemp distillate could help ease some of the pushback when it comes to properly legislating and regulating this product.

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What To Expect at a Cannabis Convention

With an ever-changing legal landscape, cannabis conventions allow a place for business owners and industry professionals to learn about the industry, its processes and its struggles.

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Juicing With Hemp Does Not Get the Credit It Deserves

Hemp is making its way into our kitchens, restaurants and juice bars as a healthful ingredient, and it’s not surprising why.

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Human rights in the hemp industry will determine the future of the commodity and the communities in which it grows. FEDECORE plays an important role.

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What Is Hemp Biomass?

Renewable energy through plant biomass can seriously reduce our carbon footprint and contributions to greenhouse gases that are warming the climate. By taking care of our climate through renewable energy, we are investing in the future for all life on earth as a whole. Here’s how hemp can help that effort

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Cannabis Terpenes Could Lessen Our Dependence on Big Pharma

Every part of the cannabis plant has been used for centuries to treat a wide variety of ailments, and terpenes can be as beneficial, if not more so, than some of their Big Pharma counterparts.