San Juan, Puerto Rico – The fourth edition of the PR MedCann.Biz: “A Road to Better Medicine”, sponsored by the island’s leading medical cannabis consulting firm PR MedCann.Biz, began today breaking attendance records with thousands of representatives of all sectors of the local and international medical cannabis industry, reflecting the dramatic growth experienced to date.

Representatives from the US, Canada, and Mexico were among the members of the international cannabis community that were present at the event, to further understand the innovations and success of the Puerto Rico cannabis industry.

The event, held in collaboration with the Puerto Rico Department of Health’s Medical Cannabis Office, resulted in the certification of a record number of new patients for a single day and served as the backdrop for several important industry announcements.

“Puerto Rico MedCann.Biz has evolved along with the needs of patients and the industry,” said MedCannBiz President Noemi Pérez. “This year’s unifying theme ‘A Road to Better Medicine’ has guided the design of the event as a platform to provide education to professionals and patients using world class speakers and also provide the opportunity to obtain cannabis certification in a convenient, professional and secure environment,” she added.

Pérez expressed her satisfaction with the increased turnout from industry professionals from the United States and other countries, as it portends continued event growth. “The enthusiasm from all participants is palpable. In addition to patients, we have representation from dispensaries, manufacturing operations and laboratories that serve the industry. Despite the challenges that remain, we are very optimistic about the future of medical cannabis in a Puerto Rico.”

The critical importance of hemp was one of the subjects discussed at PR MedCann.Biz. Hemp Inc. CEO Bruce Perlowin discussed his groundbreaking work to advance industrial hemp market in the island while Cannabis and Hemp Association CEO Scott Giannotti spoke about hemp-derived medical grade CBD.

Local growth in certified cannabis patients has been dramatically positive in 2018, although partially slowed by the passage of Hurricane María. From April through December, the number of patients has increased by 100%. “This growth puts our goal of surpassing 50,000 patients before the end of 2018 well within reach,” said Pérez.

At the opening panel on the state of the cannabis industry, PRICH Biotech Chief Compliance Officer José Maes, stated that having conditions such as autism as part of the 23 conditions authorized for cannabis treatment by local regulations, places Puerto Rico at the forefront.

Maes added that other aspects contribute to this, such as the possibility of delivering cannabis directly to patients, something permitted by local regulations, as well as the use of telemedicine technology.

PR MedCann.Biz continues tomorrow with its patient certifications and educational program. Speakers will include retired NFL player Marvin Washington, renowned physician Dr. Uma Dhanabalan, cannabis researcher and patient advocate Dr. Sue Sisley, economist Indira Luciano, and Dr. Ivonne Fraga.