Live Broadcast Weekly Review 5/9/18

Marijuana law reform bill passed by House committee yesterday for first time ever

Starting off with national news. For the first time ever a bill to reform federal marijuana laws has gained approval by a Congressional House committee. While hundreds of bills have been introduced to congress to reform federal marijuana laws, none have ever been passed by any committee and advance in Congress. This particular bill is limited but would force the VA to research cannabis to discover if it can help military veterans suffering with PTSD.

Dr. Sue Sisley now running the first FDA approved study on the medicinal benefits of cannabis for veterans

Another bit of news for our veterans and medical marijuana. One of the real pioneers of cannabis research, Dr. Sue Sisley, is in stage two of her FDA approved study on the medicinal effects of cannabis for veterans suffering from PTSD. The study is particularly noteworthy because it is the first FDA approved study that involves full spectrum marijuana flower. The cannabis is being provided by the federal government so it is full of sticks and seeds and Dr. Sisley questions whether its potency is sufficient. Study subjects are allowed to take the marijuana home and dose themselves thoroughly and must journal their intake.

Georgia’s Governor signed a bill yesterday that added PTSD and intractable pain to the qualifying conditions for state legal medical marijuana

Governor Nathan Deal of Georgia signed a bill yesterday that added intractable pain and PTSD as qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in the form of cannabis oil. It is a big step for a state that not long ago strongly opposed any sort of marijuana legalization. While the move is important for the cannabis movement, Georgia’s medical marijuana program still has many holes. As an example, there is no legal way to grow or purchase medical marijuana in Georgia. There is some talk that Georgia legislators intend to discuss it further next year.

Less companies around the country are testing applicants and employees for cannabis

There is strong job growth in the United States right now and the unemployment rate has fallen to 3.9%. In fact the workforce is in such need of employees that many companies around the country are no longer testing applicants and employees for marijuana consumption. Here in Las Vegas, Caesars Palace has even stopped drug testing employees for marijuana. The marijuana legalization movement certainly has spread awareness about the realities of marijuana consumption which is likely making the decision easier for employers. If employees are allowed to drink alcohol during off hours then why should they not also be able to consume cannabis?

Kevin Smith nearly dies from a heart attack earlier this year and credits marijuana for saving his life

Kevin Smith, the famous writer and director of Clerks and Dogma, suffered a massive heart attack earlier this year and appeared on the Stephen Colbert show last week to discuss it. During the interview he revealed that he was quite high during the heart attack and at first thought he was just too high. His doctor told him that the calming effects of the cannabis may have actually allowed him to stay calm enough to dial 911 and may well have saved his life.

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Willie Nelson has come out with a new album and a new strain of marijuana

Good old Willie Nelson turned 85 last week and also released his 67th album along with a new strain of marijuana. His new album titled, ‘Last Man Standing’ is also the name for his new strain of cannabis only offered through his cannabis brand, Willie’s Reserve. You can pick up Willie’s new strain in any state where marijuana is legally sold. Willie also convinced Woody Harrelson to pick up smoking marijuana again after a long hiatus.

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