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DEA has released its 2018 list for WEED slang terms

First, did you know that the DEA releases a list of the searchable terms it uses to follow all of us weed enthusiasts online. Yep, they release this list each year and they have added 50 new fun ones for 2018. A lot of them are not too surprising like the different names of strains such as “Blue Dream” or simple ones like “mj.” But this year, words like “shoes” made it onto the list and a whole lot of spanish terms like Elefante Pata which in spanish translates to “foot elephant.” You got me on that one! My personal favorite is “Diosa Verde” which means “Green Goddess.” Check out all the new terms and our translations of them in our article, “The DEA’s New Slang For Weed.”


Not all CBD Products are the same

Let’s take some time to talk about all of the CBD products that are flooding the market. To start off, a study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania earlier this year looked to determine if all CBD products are the same. They are not! The study found that over two thirds of the products they sampled were labeled incorrectly, not possessing the CBD concentration they claimed. Over 80 products were tested from 30 different purveyors and the results were all over the place. 43 percent contained more CBD than what was on the label and 26 percent contained less. For all of you CBD enthusiasts that are not seeing consistent results from your supplements, this is probably the reason why. Read more at TNMNews.com by searching for “CBD Products: Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth?”


Giving Pets CBD Products

Giving pets CBD is a new rising trend too. Yep, animals have an endocannabinoid system just like people and pet enthusiasts around the country give CBD to their dogs to reduce their seizures, help with their arthritis and for behavioral disorders. How many times has your dog jumped in your tub during a thunderstorm or tore something up during a fireworks display? But be careful before medicating your pets with CBD. Understand how it effects them and make sure it is to the benefit of your pet. Read more in our article, “Medical Marijuana For Your Pets.”


Gwyneth Paltrow Getting in on the CBD Craze

We have one more CBD story for you. Gwyneth Paltrow is now getting in on the CBD craze too. She has a brand called, “GOOP” which is an holistic lifestyle brand that promotes some pretty interesting methods of taking care of your body. She now is promoting vaporizers, bath bombs and teas that all contain CBD. You can find her products at MedMen stores in California. I mean if Gwyneth Paltrow says its cool, it must be, right?

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What you need to know about traveling with weed

Let’s take some time to talk about the dos and don’ts of traveling with weed in 2018. First off, crossing state lines with cannabis is illegal since cannabis is a Schedule 1 substance. TSA doesn’t arrest people they find with any form of weed when going through security but they will call the police on you. Oregon is one state where as long as you are flying in-state, authorities may let it pass. But other recreational states like Colorado, do not even allow you to fly with it while in the state. We don’t recommend flying with cannabis, but if you are going to do it, make sure you know the rules.


The weed strains that go best with the summer

And finally, it’s mid-July and I hope everyone’s summer is going really well. We thought we might give you some hints on the best summertime strains of marijuana. Strains like Agent Orange, Death Star and G13 are great right before you run into the ocean or jump into the lake. Most of these sativa dominant strains will keep you smiling and alert while you frolic in the sun but some of them are indicas too. Check Out our article, “Best Weed Strains For Celebrating Summer” at TNMNews.com


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