Hey everyone, its Christine Sclafani again here to bring you the culture news surrounding weed in America. It’s August 17th, 2018 and the summer is quickly coming to an end. I hope everyone finishes it off with a righteous session! Let’s see what is going on in the world of weed.

Pete Davidson proposed to Ariana Grande while stoned

So, according to US weekly, Pete Davidson, you know that skinny guy from SNL, proposed to Ariana Grande while stoned in bed! That is one hell of a proposal! Supposedly a few weeks ago he did a surprise standup routine at a New York school for charity and during his bit he confessed to smoking weed in bed with his fiancé, which is Ariana Grande, and springing the question on her. People that saw the routine took to social media immediately afterwards to share what they heard. I can’t say I am surprised that a Saturday Night Live cast member is a cannabis enthusiast, you got to be to do SNL, don’t you? I mean, what did he do, make a smoke ring and blow it onto her finger? We all wish them the best of luck. I’ve heard weed can be a real glue for relationships.

Have You Ever Tried Moon Rocks?

Alright, I just have to talk about moon rocks. Have you seen these things? They are crazy looking. They really look like they come from another planet! If you haven’t heard of moon rocks this is what they are. Dispensaries will take a beautiful bud of weed, roll it around in resin or hash oil, and then roll it around in kief. If you don’t know, kief comes from the dried trichomes on marijuana flower and is super potent with THC. It’s the dust that ends up in the bottom chamber of your grinder. These things can get you as high as… well you get the point. But seriously, when you break them apart, they look unreal and I just want to pop one in my mouth! I feel like I should get an amazing glass of pinot, look out at some beautiful mountain or ocean view and snack on them. That would be crazy. But if you haven’t checked them out, you should, but be careful, they can be super potent. Read more about them in our article at TNMNews.com, “Meet The Mighty Moon Rocks.”


The Smoke4ACure Summit

Moving on, one of the world of marijuana’s top celebrities, Snoop Dogg, is doing good in the world. He just hosted the first ever Smoke4ACure Summit at his South Los Angeles home which raised money for UCLA’s Cancer Research Initiative. He has teamed up with former NBA star Matt Barnes and his organization Athletes vs Cancer. The summit raised $50,000 for the cause and drew all sorts of athletes and other celebrities like Mike Tyson. Matt Barnes recently lost his mother to cancer and so the cause is dear to his heart and he is also a UCLA alum. You can expect many more Smoke4ACure events in upcoming years. Let’s hope cannabis research unlocks ways that marijuana can do more to help the fight against cancer.

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Remember trying to cover up the smell of weed?

So, our next story may not be as relevant as it once was. These days if you walk around major cities here in the U.S. you can smell weed everywhere and see people smoking joints outside restaurants. It is very liberating to see and smell. It is definitely a different world than it was let’s say in the 90’s where we shoved towels at the bottom of our doors to keep the smell of weed in or made sploofs with used toilet paper rolls and dryer sheets to mask the smell. But, for anyone of you closet weed smokers that are still out there, we have an article for you that will provide you with some worthwhile tips. Check out, “Ways To Hide That Weed Smell” at TNMNews.com. All of us cannabis enthusiasts over the age of 30 are veterans of how to cover up the smell of weed.


Two new cannabis recipes

Finally, we have two new excellent weed recipes for you on TNMNews.com. For all of you baseball and football fans out there, check out “Weed Recipes: Cannabis Cookout.” With October baseball coming up and the NFL season starting in a couple of weeks, take your game-day parties and tailgating to a whooooole new level! Learn the best ways to mix cannabis into your rack of ribs or chicken wings! And then for those of you staying in the kitchen, checkout our special “pot” roast recipe. Get it, pot roast! Ha, we are hilarious, can’t get enough weed puns.



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