First we would like to start by thanking the NCIA for inviting The National Marijuana News to their 8th annual Lobby Days event in Washington D.C. as a media partner. We were able to bring you live coverage of the event, interviewing cannabis business professionals and NCIA members working to affect change on the federal level for the cannabis community. You can look forward to many more articles and interviews covering the event over the next week. We will also be broadcasting from the Cannabis World Congress in New York City next week, so that you, our followers, can stay current on all of the new changes and innovations coming to the industry.

The Appropriations Committee added the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment as part of the 2019 Justice Department Spending Budget

Staying with national news, for the first time in years the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment will actually see a floor vote this year. The amendment strips funding from Jeff Sessions and the Justice Department to prosecute state legal medical marijuana consumers and businesses. While the amendment has been protecting medical cannabis for years, legislators have had to attach the amendment as a ryder onto bills since lawmakers like Pete Sessions out of Texas have prevented it from getting a floor vote. The House Appropriations committee took a chance adding it to the 2019 spending bill for the Justice Department.

The Illinois Senate Voted In Favor of Allowing Students to Use Medical Cannabis Oil on Public School Grounds

On a state level, the Illinois Senate voted 50 to 2 to allow medical marijuana patients to be able to use medical cannabis oil on public school grounds. The law would be called Ashley’s Law, if approved, since it was inspired by a young girl named Ashley Surin which a federal judge decided last year would be allowed to wear a patch with cannabis oil that reduced her chronic seizures while at school. The bill still needs to be approved by Governor Rauner, which is unlikely considering his is a major opponent of cannabis legalization.

Jim Beam has Made its Way Into the Cannabis industry with Green Thumb Industries and Plan to Go Public in Canada

Ben Kovler, the heir to the Jim Beam empire, is also the owner of Green Thumb Industries or GTI, a cannabis company here in the United States that produces many of the common strains of cannabis found in state legal dispensaries. He is taking GTI public in Canada through a reverse merger and plans on challenging Acreage Holdings as the dominant cannabis company here in the United States. As expected, big alcohol is making its way into the cannabis industry.

Hilary Duff Made it onto the Cannabis News Wire this Week for Hating on Her Weed Smoking Neighbor

And finally, Hilary Duff lost it on her neighbor for smoking too much marijuana in their New York City apartment building. Apparently Hilary does not understand why someone would smoke that much marijuana and made her opinions known through social media. Her rants about smoking marijuana received more coverage than she probably ever would have imagined, and she received many explanations as to why someone might be interested in consuming cannabis.

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Make sure you look for us at the Cannabis World Congress in New York starting on Thursday, May 31st. Thank you and have a great weekend everyone.

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