The PowerHitter™ is back and better than ever

The PowerHitter™, the iconic hand-operated smoking gadget popularized over the past four decades, was wrongly targeted by US Customs and Border Protection in November 2019. Approximately $315,000 worth of eagerly anticipated inventory currently remains seized, nearly bankrupting the company as they relaunched into the US market. The matter stands as an example of the US Custom Border Protection’s heavy-handed tactics with enforcing outdated regulations. Regulations that result in nothing but causing injury to people and businesses during this time of economic downturn.

The PowerHitter™ Company spokesman Allen Stein states, “All orders were held up as we navigate this complicated mess dealing with outdated rules and uninformed US customs officials. Those in medical need, lifelong fans, hard hit retail stores, and the cannabis industry at large don’t have access to our product. Americans can’t get their Power Hitters™ because the US Government is still holding on to old regulations and using tax dollars to deny people such a useful product that is in high demand.”

The PowerHitter™ was first created in the 70’s and has become a 40-year-old phenomenon, providing countless health and social benefits for smokers of all ages. The revolutionary product is globally known as the quickest and easiest way to extract the maximum potential from a smoke without mess or hazard. Discovered and relaunched by Allen Stein — a true fan of the product who was introduced to The PowerHitter in his college days, he searched for years to find it again. His company has taken the original classic design and updated it with modern materials to create the next generation of the ultimate smoking device. Since its inception, The Powerhitter has successfully prevented burns and fires by encasing today’s pre-rolls (cannabis, CBD or tobacco) in its inner shell. Additionally, in this time where virus transmission and health concerns are top of mind, this device allows for a safer method of sharing a smoke with family and loved ones.

Deemed legally “essential” by over 15 states, cannabis, CBD and tobacco, are medically prescribed for a large portion of the US population. Administered as a sleep aid, stress relief, and anti-anxiety relief, the essential plant derivatives are needed more than ever as people experience emotional extremes from the current global health and economic issues we’re all faced with.

Stein and The PowerHitter Company™ are doing their best and attempting to weather the storm through creative means including extension of their crowdfunding campaign at and the increasing support from the cannabis industry across the world.

“Currently, we are being forced to pay endless fees to private contractors for the “privilege” of having our goods seized’, expresses Stein. “We are paying for the transportation to the exam site, the examination itself, and the storage of our legal goods while they take their time to make up their mind now spanning 5 months. I can’t imagine a more ridiculous use of government power and resources at any time, let alone during a global health and economic crisis. To save the company, unfortunately we had to move some operations to Canada, but the worst is ahead of us unless something is resolved soon.”

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“This has not been an individual isolated problem, it is industry wide and something needs to be done, especially given the current medical need,” adds Jared Mirsky of Seattle-based branding agency Wick & Mortar and longtime evangelist of The PowerHitter.  “Multiple brands, including ourselves and our household name clients, have had items seized by US Customs and Border Protection for no modern reason. Glass jars and even empty plastic bags meant for packaging in the legal medical and recreational cannabis marketplace. The data shows that more and more cannabis, CBD and tobacco have been a much needed essential for US citizens who need emotional relief as we deal with this global crisis. We need government action to increase smoking safety during this time to prevent further hazards.”


Since the ‘70’s, the PowerHitter™ has been known as the quickest and easiest way to extract the maximum potential from smoke. This classic design was updated by PowerHitter engineers with modern materials and some incredible tweaks creating the next generation of this ultimate smoking device. Follow them at: