The industrial hemp industry can flourish if more of its stakeholders will invest in smart technology systems. The opportunity is there. Experts forecast the global industrial hemp market to expand by 16% between 2021 and 2028. Advancements in technology are critical to the industry’s success. The Canadian Industrial Hemp Corporation suggests tech expansion can change the world with hemp biomass and decortication automation. 

What is Hemp Biomass?

Hemp biomass is the core of what makes hemp an environmental game-changer. The CBD oil market has seen incredible growth in recent years. However, it has so much more to offer.

Hemp is a renewable resource that can be processed into high-value oils, food, papers, fabrics, plastics, and other products. Replacing traditional products with hemp can significantly impact the environment. 

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One acre of hemp produces the same amount of cellulose fiber pulp as 4 acres of trees. Hemp cultivation can reduce deforestation significantly, which in return lessens the impact of climate change. Learn more about hemp CBD edibles with a firecracker recipe.

What is Decortication?

Decortication refers to removing the hemp bark from its stem with a counter-rotating cylinder. Typically, a decorticator will chip or flail hemp stalks to remove their outer bark. This process increases the overall value of the crop and produces a uniformly high-quality product.

Non-traditional methods exist, but none of them are currently as efficient as traditional forms. Hemp decortication can be time and labor-intensive. With robotic assistance, hemp biomass can move from the field to end use faster and more efficiently.

Why Automate?

Manufacturers need automation for decortication systems to become viable in a competitive market.

1) The initial cost of automation is high, but it pays off in the long run. A robotic decortication system can pay for itself in under a year through increased speed and process optimization.

2) To stay at the forefront of an industry that’s expected to grow exponentially in coming years, manufacturers must invest in new technologies while they’re still in their infancy.

3) Manufacturers risk losing their competitive edge when they fail to invest in next-level processes. The market is crowded with innovators, and staying ahead of the curve requires up-to-date systems that are more reliable than traditional equipment.

CIHC estimates the single upgrade can produce 10 tons of hemp per hour, netting over $245 billion while reducing CO2 emissions by three billion. More biomass means brands can lower the price of edible fire crackers.

Where Can Robotics Meet Hemp?

Robotic solutions can help with all stages of the hemp process, including decortication. Market research shows that demand for robotics in the industry is projected to grow exponentially over the next decade. There are various ways that automation can improve cellulosic biomass processing for industrial hemp manufacturers.

– Farmers can use robotics to reduce the time, labor, and cost spent harvesting hemp crops.

– Technology can also improve post-harvest operations by streamlining hemp processing into high-value products.

– Automated decortication can reduce labor, improve efficiency, and increase profit on the hemp biomass market.

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TNMNews Shop has been the authority on headshop products and smoke shop accessories since 2015. Shop the best glass bongs, weed pipes for smoking and smoking accessories for rolling joints.

The Future of Industrial Hemp Is Bright

Advances in technology are essential to the industry’s success. Automation is one of many ways that manufacturers can meet this demand for improvement. As the industry grows, a robot can increase mill productivity, reduce processing costs, and create quality products.