What’s inside this Liberty Health Sciences Dispensary Review

  • Overview of LHS in Bradenton
  • What Types of MMJ does LHS sell?
  • Does LHS Sell Smoking Accessories?
  • Why You Should Visit LHS in Bradenton, FL
  • Where Exactly is LHS in the Sarasota Area?

Liberty Health Sciences of Bradenton Overview

Most Florida medical marijuana dispensaries carry flower, vape carts, tinctures and a selection of gear and devices, but if you are looking for variety and value, Liberty Health Sciences has more choices than any other cannabis dispensaries in the state. You’ll find more cannabis products, brands, and a wider price point than even the top dispensaries.  And they have one of the largest selections of high quality CBD and ratio products. 

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What Types of Cannabis Products Does Liberty Health Sciences in Bradenton Sell?


Liberty Health Sciences has two brands of weed. The house-labeled selection and Papa’s Herb line. Their website describes the Papa’s Herb weed as “an easy-going brand of bud,” and not “that high fashion, hoity-toity stuff that’s overhyped and overpriced.” At the $25 an eighth they ask, that’s a pretty accurate description, and the THC percentages are impressive for that price, as well. So you get quality, whole flower at a good value to load into your weed pipe

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The LHS house brand is a pretty remarkable value as well. Prices range from $23 to $40 for three and a half grams of dank bud pushing THC percentages of 25%. That’s if you catch them on a good day, as their flower inventory is not always reliable. So if you are looking to load your bong or bubbler, this could be a way to go. Pre-rolled joints are also available on occasion as well but they sell out quickly.

Vape Products

Vape cartridge on a marijuana leaf
Vape cartridges are sill very popular among Florida residents.

Vape marijuana products are where LHS really shines with their selection and pricing. It’s hard to find 400mg/half gram, high-THC vape cartridges in Florida for less than $50. But, Liberty sells them starting at $35. They have been carrying Lemon and Grass, recently rolled out the Dompen brand, and consistently carry Clarity, Papa’s Herb, Mary’s Medicinals, Pretty Pistil, and Zentient brands as well. There are almost a dozen disposable 250mg vape pens ranging from $25 to $35. Specialty carts like the Pax Pods sell from $45 to $75 with THC levels pushing a whopping 90%. 


Concentrated Cannabis
Concentrates are very popular for experienced smokers.

Looking for concentrates? Liberty Health Science’s one gram syringes are packed with 900mg of THC. Refill your old vape cartridges and save some money. For $75 to $80 each, you can sample Blackberry Kush, Tropical Trainwreck, or any one of the other sativa, hybrid, or indicas they sell. It’s the most economical way to consume cannabis, and if you qualify for one of the discounts they offer, you can really save money on your medication.

Medical Marijuana Topicals at Liberty Health Science

Mary’s Medicinals on sale at Liberty Health Science.
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Again, the selection at Liberty can’t be beat. They sell a dozen different topical cannabis products including roll-on pain creams ($25-$45), patches ($10 each), balms ($20-$50), and even a topical oil for pain relief for $50 per 400mg bottle. These don’t induce the high many people enjoy but they do provide powerful pain relief. 

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Edibles, Tinctures, and Capsules 

If you check out the Liberty Health Sciences website, you’ll see they have an active Edibles section, however it’s filled with almost a dozen different varieties of CBD, THC, or ratio based capsules from which to choose and nearly two dozen medical marijuana  sublingual tinctures. It does not currently list chocolates, brownies and cookies, or gummies. Yet. Liberty is still waiting on the Florida Department of Health to issue a license to sell the edibles every MMJ patient in Florida has been waiting for, however you can always add a tincture or distillate to a snack or put a little in a peanut butter cup to make your own. 

Tinctures are a good way to ease into cannabis consumption for newcomers.
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Liberty plans to introduce an assortment of cannabis edibles including cookies, chocolates, pretzels, chips, bars, lozenges, gummies and other baked goods and beverages to its Florida patients by early November starting with a state-wide roll out of a line of Big Pete’s and Clarity Brand, according to a September press release. 

Right now, prices for their sublinguals and tinctures range from $38 for a 300mg bottle to $80 for a 900mg bottle. Capsules will run you $30 for a ten count of 10mg capsules, to $80 for a 30 count. In that range, the THC and CBD content of both the capsules and tinctures vary just as widely, so take your pick. 

Does Liberty Health Sciences Sell MMJ Accessories?

Vape pens and batteries are available at Liberty Health Sciences
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Liberty Health Sciences does sell a variety of vaping devices and gear. In fact, they have 12 different vape devices ranging from $5 to $200. You really need to give them credit for making cannabis accessible to patients with differing budgets. A $5 rechargeable pen will get the job done for 510 threaded carts, but if you want to try the Pax Pods, you’ll need the specialty device to fit the pods. Those go for $30 to $200 and the big difference between the devices is simply how fancy you want to get with it. The Gio Pen line also varies widely in price- from $25 to $150 but frankly they all do the same thing in the end so it’s up to you if you want to spend money on the fancy device or on more THC. At least you have options!

Reasons to Visit Liberty Health Sciences Dispensary of Bradenton

Inside Liberty Health Sciences in Sarasota.
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  • Veterans of the Armed Forces and retired first responders save 25% on every order. 
  • Save $75 when you purchase $150 or more on your first purchase. 
  • Patients on SSDI and government assistance programs save 15% on every order. 
  • Patients who are opted into the Loyalty Program, receive a $15 store credit during their birthday month.
  • Delivery, online ordering, and curbside pick-up are available.
  • Huge selection of products.
  • Very competitive pricing and affordable for any budget. 

Where is Liberty Health Sciences located in Bradenton?

The LHS Marijuana dispensary is located just west of Tamiami in Bradenton at 1475 Cortez Road. The building sits next to the Nissan dealership heading eastbound. For customer service and questions, call (239) 747-6488. 

Does Liberty Health Sciences Deliver?

Big Pete’s is one of the brands you can have delivered.
Photo: libertyhelathscisnece.com

Liberty offers free delivery to patients’ whose orders total $150 or more of product after all discounts are applied. Orders below $150 will have a $25 delivery fee added to their total. They provide delivery to all counties in Florida except Escambia, Santa Rosa, and Okaloosa counties.