Cannabis continues to grow in popularity as more states in the US legalize it – several states have permitted the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. Even better, the relaxation of the cannabis laws has allowed marijuana manufacturers to develop innovative cannabis products. Enter cannabis distillate. 

If you’re looking for a more potent, flexible, and pure form of marijuana, then cannabis distillate is the answer. But what is a cannabis distillate, and do you know how to make a firecracker cannabis distillate? Let’s find out more.

What Is Cannabis Distillate?

The purest extract of cannabis is commonly referred to as the cannabis distillate. It’s manufactured through the molecular distillation process. The distillate of cannabis contains a high amount of cannabinoids. Examples of such extracts include THC (Tetrahydro cannabinoid), which is 99% cannabinoid. 

The cannabis distillate extraction process requires both heat and pressure to separate the useful cannabinoid from other compounds naturally present in the cannabis plant. 

How Does Cannabis Distillate Compare to Other Concentrates?

Due to the extraction processes involved, cannabis products come out with varying degrees of purity. In the case of cannabis distillate, the product is the most purely refined of all other cannabis concentrates and thus provides the ultimate weed firecracker experience for anyone looking to get high on marijuana without the pipe or paper. 

The cannabis plant contains live resins as well as terpenes. Although each compound has its benefits, some stoners prefer pure cannabinoid content.

Pure cannabis distillate does not contain terpenes; hence it lacks the flavor and aroma that comes with it. However, the terpenes can be added back into the final distilled product, as is the case with vape cartridges. 

Equipment Used in Making Cannabis Distillate

Making the cannabis distillate involves the use of various processes and equipment.

The notable ones are:

  • Light hydrocarbon extractor used in the initial extraction process.
  • Winterization equipment.
  • Decarboxylation equipment.
  • Direct filtration press
  • Wiped film distillation equipment

Cannabis Distillate Manufacturing Process

There are many ways one can enjoy the psychoactive effects of cannabis. Whether you’re getting high by pot-smoking, vaping, or ingesting firecracker edible, cannabis distillate will give you the most fascinating experience. 

Making the distillate is a complex process that involves 4 main stages, as follows:

1. Initial Extraction

The initial extraction process helps separate valuable cannabinoid trichomes in the cannabis plant. The trichomes are sticky resin glands that grow on cannabis flowers. Besides cannabinoids, trichomes also contain terpenes and flavonoids. Several methods used in the initial extraction include light hydrocarbon, supercritical CO2 extraction, and ethanol-based extraction processes. 


2. Filtration through Winterization

After the initial extraction process, crude oil is found but with less purity than the final product. The impurities contained in the crude oil include plant lipids, terpenes, and chlorophyll. 

These impurities are then removed using a filtration process known as winterization. The crude oil is mixed with ethanol and stored under freezing temperatures for two days. The process causes coagulation of lipids, which are then easily removed from the mixture. 

3. Decarboxylation

The 3rd step in the distillation of cannabis is the decarboxylation process. In this stage, heat transforms the cannabinoids by enhancing their ability to attach to the receptors in your body. 

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This process changes the acidic form of cannabinoids into the actual potent and ingestible cannabinoids. For instance, tetrahydrocannabinolic acid is converted into THC and CBDA. This process ensures that the end product provides the psychoactive effects required. 

4. Final Distillation

Finally, the converted cannabinoid is passed through the distillation process, which uses special cannabis distillation equipment. The process separates the pure cannabinoids from other impurities in the mixture. 

This process vaporizes the impurities by utilizing precision temperature control and vacuum pressure. The equipment has a condensation column where the vaporized impurities are condensed back into a liquid and captured separately. 

Since the compounds have specific boiling points, controlling the temperature allows the cannabinoids to be separated from the other compounds. The end product is thus a pure cannabis distillate with 99% purity.

In conclusion

Cannabis is getting to the end-user in many ways now that legalization is picking up every day. Manufacturers have found new and inventive ways of delivering the final product to marijuana users, and cannabis distillate is top of the list. If you’re an ardent pot smoker, getting high on cannabis distillate might provide you with a fresher experience you never thought existed.